Table of contents for Border of a dream : selected poems / Antonio Machado ; translation [and] introduction, Willis Barnstone ; foreword, John Dos Passos ; reminiscence, Juan Ram‚on Jim‚enez.

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Foreword	11
Antonio Machado: A Reminiscence	13
Introduction	15
Note on the Poems	41
Solitudes, Galleries and Other Poems / Soledades, galerías y otras poemas (1899-1907)
Solitudes / Soledades	
I The Voyager	44
II "I have walked many roads"	46
III "The plaza and the burning orange trees"	47
IV On the Burial of a Friend	48
V Childhood Memory	49
VI "It was a bright afternoon"	50
VII "The languid lemon tree"	51
IX Shores of the Duero	52
X "A labyrinth of narrow streets"	53
XI "I go dreaming along roads"	54
XIV Cante hondo	55
XV "The street in shadow"	56
XVI "You slip away"	57
XVII Horizon	58
On the Road / Del camino
XXI "The clock was striking twelve"	60
XXII "Over the bitter land"	61
XXIV "The sun is a globe of fire"	62
XXVI "O figures in the courtyard"	63
XXX "A few canvases of memory"	64
XXXI "Moss is growing in the shadowy plaza"	65
XXXII "The fire coals of a violet twilight"	66
XXXIII "My love? Tell me, do you remember?"	67
XXXV "One day we sat down by the road"	68
XXXVI "A young face one day appears"	69
Songs / Canciones
XLIV "The corroded and greenish hull"	71
XLV "The dream below the sun"	72
Jokes, Fantasies, Notes : The Great Inventions / Humorismos, fantasías, apuntes: Los grandes inventos
XLVI The Waterwheel	75
XLVII The Gallows	76
XLVIII Flies	77
XLIX from Elegy for a Madrigal	79
LI Garden	80
LIV Bad Dreams	81
LV Tedium	82
LVI "The clock was clanging one"	83
LVII Advice	84
LVIII Gloss	85
LIX "Last night while I slept"	86
LX "Has my heart gone to sleep?"	87
Galleries / Galerías
LXII "The torn cloud, the rainbow"	89
LXIII "And he was the demon of my dream"		90
LXIV "From the doorsill of a dream"	91
LXVI "Those children in a row"	92
LXXI "Stained by earlier days"	94
LXXII "The house I loved"	95
LXXIII "Before the pale canvas of the afternoon"	96
LXXIV "Tranquil afternoon"	97
LXXV "Like Anakreon"	98
LXXVI "O luminous afternoon!"	99
LXXVII "It is an ashen and shabby evening"	100
LXXVIII "Will the spellbound world die with you?"	101
LXXIX "Naked is the earth"	102
LXXX Field	103
LXXXI To an Old and Distinguished Gentleman	104
LXXXVI "Yesterday my sorrows"	105
LXXXVIII "Perhaps the hand dreaming"	106
LXXXIX "You will know yourself"	107
XCI "Below the laurel tree"	108
Miscellaneous / Varia
XCIV "Over coarse stone in the middle of the square"	110
XCVI Winter Sun	111
Fields of Castilla / Campos de Castilla (1907-1917)
XCVII Portrait	114
XCVIII On the Banks of the Duero	116
XCIX In Spanish Lands	119
C "The poorhouse"	120
"Guadarrama, is it you, old friend?"	120
CV "Of April are the thousand waters"	121
CVI A Madman	123
CIX Autumn Dawning	124
CX The Train	125
CXI Summer Night	127
CXIII Fields of Soria	128
CXIV The Land of Alvargonzález	133
CXV To a Dry Elm	154
CXVIII Roads	155
CXIX "Lord, now what I loved most you tore from me"	156
CXX "Hope says"	157
CXXI "There in the highlands"	158
CXXII "I dreamt you were guiding me"	159
CXXIII "One summer night"	160
CXXIV "As snow was melting"	161
CXXV "Here in the fields"	162
CXXVI To José María Palacio	163
CXXVIII Another Trip	164
CXXVIII Poem About a Day	166
CXXIX November 1913	172
CXXXI Out of the Ephemeral Past	173
CXXXIII Lament for His Virtues and Verses on the Death of Don Guido	175
CXXXVI Proverbs and Songs	177
CXXXVII Parables	183
CXXXVIII My Clown	187
Praises / Elogios
CXXXIX To Don Francisco Giner de los Ríos	189
CXLIV A Young Spain	190
CL My Poets	191
New Songs / Nuevas canciones (1917-1930)
CLIV Notes	193
CLV Toward the Lowlands	195
Galleries	197
CLVIII Highland Songs	200
CLIX Songs	204
CLX Songs of the Upper Duero	208
CLXI Proverbs and Songs	210
CLXII Parergón	225
CLXIV Glossing Ronsard and Other Rhymes	226
CLXV Sonnets	233
CLXVI Old Songs	235
From an Apocryphal Songbook / De un cancionero apócrifo Abel Martín	238
My eyes in the mirror	239
Primaveral	240
Rose of Fire	241
Advices, Verses, Notes	242
"In dreams he saw himself"	244
"Let us be confident"	245
To the Great Zero	246
Apocryphal Songbook / Canciones apócrifo Juan de Mairena	
CLXIX Abel Martín's Last Lamentations	248
CLXX Siesta	250
CLXXI In the Manner of Juan de Mairena	251
CLXXIII Songs to Guiomar	252
CLXXIV Other songs to Guiomar	255
Isolated poems / Poesías sin agrupar & The Complementaries / Los complementarios
XXVIII S Three songs sent to Unamuno in 1913	259
LVI S Notes and Songs	260
LX S Autumn	262
LXV S Sierra note	263
Notes, Parables, Proverbs and Songs	264
LI S Dawn songs	265
Apocryphal Songbook / Cancionero apócrifo	
LXVII Twelve Poets Who Might Have Existed	267
XXIV S Goodbye	269
XXVI S Old City	270
Poems of the War / Poesías de guerra (1936-1939)	
LXXXIV S The crime was in Granada 	272
LXXIII S Spring	274
LXXIV S The Poet Recalls the Lands of Soria	275
LXXV S Dawning in Valencia from a Tower	276
LXXVI S The Death of the Wounded Child	277
LXXVII S "From sea to sea between us is the war"	278
LXXVIII S "Again our yesterday"	279
LXXXIII S Song	280
LXXXV S Today's Meditation	281
"I will give you my song"	281
LXXXVI S Songs	282
XCII S	283
Note on the Book	284
About the Author	286
Chronology of Antonio Machado	287
About the Translator	289
Index of Spanish Titles	290
Index of English Titles	291

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