Table of contents for 101 rhythm instrument activities for young children / by Abigail Flesch Connors ; illustrations, Deborah C. Wright.

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Table of Contents
10 Classroom Management Tips for Using Rhythm Instruments
Activities Using Rhythm Sticks
1. Rhythm Sticks Introduction
2. Different Ways to Play Sticks 
3. This Is The Way We Tap Our Sticks
4. Sticks Up And Down
5. The Sticks on the Bus
6. If You're Happy and You Know It Tap Your Sticks
7. Walk in the Woods
8. Rainstorm
9. BINGO Sticks
10. London Bridge Letters
11. We Are Tapping
12. Tapping or Scraping?
13. Conducting Sticks
14. Copy My Rhythm
15. Everybody Count to Six
16. I Am a Fine Musician
17. Old King Cole's Sticks
18. Guess Who Tapped?
19. The Tapper in the Dell
20. The Sticks Are Going for a Walk
21. Don't Say Ain't
22. Shapes With Sticks
23. Experiments With Sticks
24. Standing With Sticks
25. Trot, Gallop, Freeze!
26. The Cat and the Mouse
27. Hot Cross Buns
28. Windshield Wipers
29. The Spider Went Over the Spider Web
30. Beethoven's 5th Symphony
31. Jack and Jill
32. "Painting" on the Floor
33. Tap, Tap, Tap Your Boat
Activities Using Shakers
34. Shakers Introduction
35. Different Ways to Play Shakers
36. Going to Kentucky
37. Waltz of the Flowers
38. Wake Up, Groundhog!
39. Experiments With Shakers
40. This Is the Way We Clean the House
41. Wind Song
42. Ocean Waves
43. Stir Up My Soup
44. Shake It High and Shake It Low 
45. Shaker Square Dance
46. Digging Up a Hole
47. Little Baby
48. The Animals in the Jungle
49. Where Is Shaker?
50. Shaker Parade
51. Who Will Help Me? (The Little Red Hen)
52. Shakers Count to Ten
53. Teddy Bear Shakers
54. I'm a Little Raindrop
Activities Using Jingle Bells
55. Jingle Bells Introduction
56. Different Ways to Play Bells
57. Jingle Bells
58. Little Jingle Mouse
59. We're Passing Around the Bells
60. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
61. Bells or Shaker?
62. Bells in Socks
63. Bells on Ankles
64. Freeze Dance With Bells
65. Jingle at the Window
66. Hickory Dickory Dock
67. Circus Tricks With Bells
68. Jingle Around the Rosy
69. Frère Jacques
70. All About Colors
71. Nice and Warm
Activities Using Sand Blocks
72. Sand Blocks Introduction
73. Different Ways to Play Sand Blocks
74. The Train Is Coming
75. The Train Is Going Up the Hill
76. Engine, Engine, Number Nine
77. The Sand Blocks Went to a Party
78. Happy Birthday Cha-Cha-Cha
79. In the Middle of the Night
80. Go 'Round and 'Round the Village
81. Sand Blocks Like to Clap
Activities Using Other Instruments
82. Cymbals Introduction
83. New Year's Eve Countdown
84. Pop Goes the Weasel
85. Introduction to the Drum
86. The Drum Game
87. Animal Footsteps
88. All About the Triangle
89. All About the Tambourine
90. Tambourine Walk
Rhythm Band Activities
91. Old MacDonald's Instruments
92. The Instruments on the Bus
93. Rig-a-Jig-Jig
94. Freeze Parade
95. Rock-a-Bye Baby
96. The Instruments in the Dell
97. She'll Be Tapping 'Round the Mountain (Rhythm Band)
98. Do You Know the Jingle Bells?
99. Conducting the Rhythm Band
100. Where Are the Sand Blocks? 
101. Simon Says
Good Activities for Toddlers 
Subject Index

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