Table of contents for The anxieties of affluence : critiques of American consumer culture, 1939-1979 / Daniel Horowitz.

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1. Chastened Consumption:
World War II and the Campaign for a Democratic Standard of Living
2. Celebratory Émigrés: Ernest Dichter and George Katona 
3. A Southerner in Exile, the Cold War, and Social Order: 
David M. Potter's People of Plenty 
4. Critique from Within:
John Kenneth Galbraith, Vance Packard, and Betty Friedan
5. From the Affluent Society to the Poverty of Affluence, 1960-1962: 
Paul Goodman, Oscar Lewis, Michael Harrington, and Rachel Carson 
6. Consumer Activism, 1965-1970:
Ralph Nader, Martin Luther King Jr., and Paul R. Ehrlich 
7. The Energy Crisis and the Quest to ContainConsumption:
Daniel Bell, Christopher Lasch, and Robert Bellah
8. Three Intellectuals and a President: 
Jimmy Carter, "Energy Crisis and the Crisis of Confidence" 
The Response to Affluence at the End of the Century
1. Annual budget of the McMillin family, 1940
2. Annual budget of the Griffin family, 1939
3. Annual budget of the Case family, 1940
4. Annual income distribution, 1977-1999

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