Table of contents for Problems in modern Latin American history : sources and interpretations : completely revised and updated / edited by John Charles Chasteen and James A. Wood.

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Introduction, 000
The Pictorial Evidence: Reading Images, 000
Chapter I	Legacies of Colonialism, 000
1	The Racial Heritage of Colonialism, STANLEY AND BARBARA STEIN, 000
2	A Spiritual Economy, KATHRYN BURNS, 000
3	Becoming "Legally White" in Colonial Venezuela, CITY COUNCIL OF CARACAS, 000
4	A Bishop Reports on Social Conditions in Colonial Mexico, MANUEL ABAD Y QUEIPO, 000
Chapter II	Independence and Its Consequences, 000
1.	War to the Death, SIM_N BOL_VAR, 000
2.	The Vision of Father Morelos, ENRIQUE KRAUSE, 000
3.	Argentina's Black Legions, G. REID ANDREWS, 000
4.	The Brazilian Path to Independence, JOHN CHARLES CHASTEEN, 000
5.	What Independence Meant for Women, SARAH C. CHAMBERS, 000
Reading Images: Nineteenth-Century Travelers, 000
Chapter III	Slave Culture, 000
1.	The Beginnings of African-American Culture, SIDNEY W. MINTZ AND RICHARD PRICE, 000
2.	Rethinking Palmares, STUART B. SCHWARTZ, 000
3.	Africans in the American World, JOHN THORNTON, 000
4.	A Day on a Coffee Plantation, STANLEY J. STEIN, 000
5.	A Cuban Slave's Testimony, ESTÉBAN MONTEJO, 000
Reading Images: Brazilian Slaves, 000
Chapter IV	Caudillos, 000
1.	Caudillos as Scourge, CHARLES E. CHAPMAN, 000
2.	Caudillos as Profit Maximizers, ERIC R. WOLF AND EDWARD C. HANSEN, 000
3.	Caudillos as Culture Heroes, ARIEL DE LA FUENTE, 000
4.	The Lions of Payara, JOSÉ ANTONIO PAÉZ, 000
5.	Ribbons and Rituals, DOMINGO FAUSTINO SARMIENTO, 000
6.	Protagonist on a National Stage, ANTONIO L_PEZ DE SANTA ANNA, 000
Chapter V	Liberalism and the Catholic Church, 000
1.	A New Generation of Liberals, FRANK SAFFORD, 000
2.	Liberalism as Anticricalism, HELEN DELPAR, 000
3.	The Post-Colonial Church, JOHN LYNCH, 000
4.	The Juárez Law and the Lerdo Law, BRIAN HAMNETT, 000
5.	Generational Warrior, FRANCISCO BILBAO, 000
Chapter VI	Race and Nation Building, 000
1.	The Specter of Degeneration, MARTIN S. STABB, 000
2.	Civilization versus Barbarism, DOMINGO FAUSTINO SARMIENTO, 000
3.	A Brazilian Tenement, ALU_SIO AZEVEDO, 000
4.	A Mexican National Romance, IGNACIO ALTAMIRANO, 000
5.	A Raceless Nation, ADA FERRER, 000
Chapter VII	Neocolonialism, 000
1.	Neocolonial Economics, CELSO FURTADO, 000
2.	Neocolonial Ideologies, E.	BRADFORD BURNS, 000
3.	A Paean to Progress, GEORGES CLEMENCEAU, 000
4.	The Traveling Expert, HENRY STEPHENS, 000
5.	Amazonian Exotica, H. M. TOMLINSON, 000
6.	The Athens of South America, H. J. MOZANS, 000
7.	Our Ugly Little Backyard, FREDRICK PALMER, 000
Reading Images: U.S.-Latin American Relations, 000
Chapter VIII	Nationalism, 000
1.	Mestizo Pride, GILBERTO FREYRE, 000
2.	The Power of Indigenous Community, CIRO ALEGR_A, 000
3.	The Poetry of Anti-Imperialism, PABLO NERUDA, 000
4.	Economic Nationalism in Action, LESLEY BYRD SIMPSON, 000
5.	The Shark and the Sardines, JUAN JOSÉ ARÉVALO, 000
6.	In the Eye of the Hurricane are 120 Million Children, EDUARDO GALEANO, 000
Chapter IX	Women and Social Change, 000
1.	Women and Education in Latin America, FRANCESCA MILLER, 000
2.	Women's Reform Issues in Late Nineteenth-Century Peru and Mexico, 000
3.	The Lady of Hope and the Woman of the Black Myth, JULIE M. TAYLOR, 000
4.	Peronist Feminism in Argentina, EVA PER_N, 000
5.	Women's Reform Issues in Late-Twentieth-Century Brazil, BENEDITA DA SILVA, 000
Chapter X	Populism and the Working Class, 000
1.	The Peronist Political Vision, DANIEL JAMES, 000
2.	Declaration of Workers' Rights, JUAN PER_N, 000
3.	Many Getúlios, ROBERT M. LEVINE, 000
4.	A Consummate Speechwriter, GET_LIO VARGAS, 000
5.	Populism and National Development, FERNANDO HENRIQUE CARDOSO AND ENZO FALETTO, 000
6.	Words as Weapons, HERBERT BRAUN, 000
Chapter XI	Social Revolution, 000
1.	Essence of Guerrilla Warfare, CHE GUEVARA, 000
2.	Testimony of a Guatemalan Revolutionary, MAR_A LUPE, 000
3.	Christianity and Revolution, MARGARET RANDALL, 000
4.	Chile's Revolution from Below, PETER WINN, 000
5.	The Chilean Road to Socialism, SALVADOR ALLENDE, 000
Reading Images: Religion and Politics, 000
Chapter XII	Latin America, the United States, and the Cold War, 000
1.	The Lesser of Two Evils, DAVID F. SCHMITZ, 000
3.	Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders, CHURCH COMMITTEE, 000
4.	Two Centuries Later, LARS SCHOULTZ, 000
Chapter XIII	Globalization, 000
1.	Towards a New Consciousness, GLORIA ANZALD_A, 000
2.	What Photos Would You Take of the Endless City? CARLOS MONSIV_IS, 000
4.	First Declaration from the Lacandón Jungle, ZAPATISTA ARMY OF NATIONAL LIBERATION, 000
5.	The Fiesta of the Word, JUNE C. NASH, 000
About the Editors, 000

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