Table of contents for The regulation of agricultural biotechnology / edited by R.E. Evenson and V. Santaniello.

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Editors' Introduction
Part 1: Introduction and Overview
1. Regulation of GM Crops: Shaping an International Regime 
Robert L.  Paarlberg, Raymond Hopkins and Lisa Ladewski
Part 2: Evolving Regulation Systems
2. The Evolving GMO Food Trade Policy Debate: Towards a Global 
Regulatory Regime?
Philip Katz, Penny Macdonald and Gordon Mackenzie
3. International Proposals to Regulate Intellectual Property Rights in Plant 
Genetic Resources
Michael Blakeney
4. GM Food Labelling: Global Policy Polarization
Lydia Zepeda
5. Conflict and Consensus-Building: International Commercial Policy and 
Agricultural Biotechnology
Jill E. Hobbs, J. D. Gaisford, Grant Isaac, William A. Kerr and Kurt K. Klein
6. The Rationale behind WTO Agreements and Agricultural GMO Controversy
Roberto Esposti and Alessandro Sorrentino
7. Trade Restrictions on Genetically Engineered Foods: The Application of the 
TBT Agreement
Dirk Heumueller and Tim Josling
Part 3: Regulation and Innovation
8. Environmental Liability and Research and Development in Biotechnology: A Real 
Options Approach
Odin Knudsen and Pasquale L. Scandizzo
9. Should the Public Sector Conduct Genomics R&D?
Answar Naseem and James F. Oehmke
10. The Case for Differentiated Appropriability in Intellectual Property Rights 
for Plant Varieties
Derek Eaton and Frank van Tongeren
11. Biotechnology and Developing Countries: The Struggle over Intellectual Property 
Rights and Implications for Biodiversity Conservation
Ottavio Janni
12. Intellectual Property Strategy in the Context of Inter-Organizational 
Relations: The Case of
International Agricultural Research
Eran Binenbaum and Philip G. Pardey
Part 4: Regulations, Market Structures and Innovation
13. R&D Incentives for GM Seeds: Restricted Monopoly, Nonmarket Effects 
and Regulation
Robert D. Weaver
14. Agricultural Biotech R&D Structure: Cyclical or Not?
James F. Oehmke, Christopher A. Wolf, Kellie C. Raper, and Anwar Naseem
15. The Innovation System in Agro-Food Biotechnology, is it European?
Klaus Menrad and Thomas Reiss
16. How Firm Characteristics Influence Innovative Activity in Agricultural 
Cassandra Klotz-Ingram, David Schimmelpfennig, Anwar Naseem, John King and 
Carl Pray
Part 5: Regulation and Market Development
17. Dynamic Pricing of Genetically Modified Crop Traits
Richard Perrin and Lilyan Fulginiti
18. Identity Preservation, Segregation and Traceability: Marketplace Features and 
Stuart Smyth and Peter W. P. Phillips
19. Segmentation of GMO and non-GMO Soybean Markets under Identity 
Preservation Costs and Government Price Supports
Troy G. Schmitz, Charles B. Moss and Andrew Schmitz
20. EU Traceability and the US Soybean Sector
Gregory K. Price, Fred Kuchler and Barry Krissoff
21. Segregation of Non-biotech Corn and Soybeans: Who Bears the Cost?
William Lin and D. Demcey Johnson
Part 6: Economic Impacts
22. Future impact of new technologies : three scenarios, their competence 
gaps and research implications
Hanne Harmsen
23. Ex Ante Welfare Effects of Agricultural Biotechnology in the European 
Union: The Case of Transgenic Herbicide Tolerant Sugar Beets
Matty Demont and Eric Tollens 
24. The Economic Impacts of Agricultural Biotechnology on International 
Trade, Consumers, and Producers : the Case of Corn and Soybeans in the 
Andrew P. Barkley

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