Table of contents for 100 questions & answers about ovarian cancer / Don Dizon, Nadeem Abu-Rustum, Andrea Brown.

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Part 1. The Basics Questions 1-7 cover the background topics in ovarian cancer, including: * Where are my ovaries? What do they do? * What does it mean to have cancer? * What is a cyst? Is it related to ovarian cancer? How do a complex ovarian cyst and a simple cyst differ? 
Part 2. Risk Factors, Diagnosis, and Staging Questions 8-19 discuss the risk factors and symptoms of ovarian cancer and detail how it is diagnosed and staged: * What does it mean to have ovarian cancer? * Are there risk factors for ovarian cancer? * What are the symptoms of ovarian cancer? * How is cancer diagnosed? 
Part 3. Treatment of Ovarian Cancer Questions 20-47 discuss your options for getting ovarian cancer treatment, including: * How do I decide on where to get treated? * Must the surgeon remove both ovaries if I am diagnosed with ovarian cancer? * When can I consider myself cured? 
Part 4. Coping with Treatment and Side Effects Questions 48-64 discuss day-to-day challenges faced by ovarian cancer patients, such as: * Will I feel terrible during treatment? * What side effects can I expect from chemotherapy? * Is depression common after treatment? 
Part 5. Relapse Questions 65-82 discuss the treatment of recurrent ovarian cancer, including: * If my ovaries have been removed, how can the cancer come back? * What happens if the cancer comes back? * If the cancer comes back, can I still be cured? 
Part 6. If Treatment Fails Questions 83-89 discuss options for patients if treatments fail: * Does intravenous feeding play a role? * What is hospice? * What are the end-stages of ovarian cancer like? 
Part 7. Prevention, Screening, and Advocacy Questions 90-99 deal with life after cancer diagnosis: * Can I protect myself from getting ovarian cancer? * Can ovarian cancer be inherited? * Is there any way to screen for ovarian cancer? 
Appendix The appendix is a list of web sites, organizations, and literature to help bone marrow transplant patients and their families find additional resources on general and specific topics related to ovarian cancer. 

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