Table of contents for A time to every purpose : the four seasons in American culture / by Michael Kammen.

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Prologue  00
Introduction: Seasonal Cycles and Sequences  00
     The Circle of the Seasons as a Persistent Trope  00
     Continuity and Change in Seasonal Responses  00
     Perceptions of the Seasons: Cultural Constructions of Nature?  00
     Seasonal Processions as Measuring Rods for a Citified Society  00
     Places with Significantly Variable Seasonal Cycles and Motifs  00
     On Bringing the Motif to the New World, and Seasonal Anxieties  00
Chapter 1. From Antiquity to the Eighteenth Century in Europe  00
     The Genesis of Seasonal Motifs in Antiquity  00
     The Revival and Evolution of the Motif in Medieval Times  00
     Seasonal Labors and Calendars: The Humanistic Motif in Renaissance Europe  00
     The Seasonal Flourish in Renaissance Art and Beyond  00
     James Thomson and His Poem's Impact at Home and Abroad  00
Chapter 2. The American Reception and Adaptation of the Four Seasons Motif  00
     Adaptations and Modifications of the Motif in Early America  00
     Seasonality and Slavery: African American Lives in Early America  00
     Thomson's Influence and the Uses of Seasonality in the Young Republic  00
     Natural Theodicies and the Compatibility of Divine Purpose with Science  00
     Creative and Adaptive Responses by American Artists  00
     Americanization of the Motif: Rejecting Thomson and European Vistas  00
     Seasonal Art and Literature: Divergent Tensions  00
     The Four Seasons in Native American Culture  00
Chapter 3. Nostalgia, Nationalism, and the American Seasons, 1854@-1914  00
     Seasonal Responses to Urbanization and Social Change at Midcentury  00
     Growing Affluence, Conditions of Life, and Seasonal Sensibilities  00
     The Appeal of Sentimental Seasonality in the Wake of the Civil War  00
     The Broad Appeal to All Taste Levels  00
     American Seasonal Art in the Victorian Era  00
     Complexities of Competition among the Seasonal Sages  00
     At Century's End: Seasonal Cultivation, Wildness, and Persistent Nostalgia  00
Chapter 4. American Transitions: The Seasonal Sense of Place, Time, and Imagery  00
     Seeing Seasonal Sentiment and Diversity in America  00
     Modes of Metaphor in Writing about the Seasons  00
     Artistic Modernism and the Seasonal Motif, 1912@-1961  00
     Eugenics: Seasons of Birth and Human Fertility  00
     Literary Modernism, Seasons of the Mind, and the Waning of Creativity  00
     <"Demopiety"?: Dialogical Responses to Seasons in the City  00
Chapter 5. Nature Writers, Reader Response, and the Ambivalence of Urban America  00
     A Collegial Cohort of Seasonal Writers, 1941@-1978  00
     Seasonal Receptions: How the Reviewers Responded  00
     Seasonal Receptions: How the Readers Responded  00
     City Readers and Country Writers: Connecting the Distance  00
     Changing Attitudes and Continuities: The Flux of Stable Cycles  00
Chapter 6. The Four Seasons and American Popular Culture: Calendars and Consumerism
     Seasonal Cycles and Singular Lives in a Society Still Diverse  00
     Norman Rockwell: Marking Seasonal Time with Youngsters and Codgers  00
     Using the Seasons to Sell Things  00
     Places to Go, Things to See, and Vicarious Seasonal Travel  00
     Seasonal Films and Music  00
     Seasonal Journalism and Cartoons  00
Chapter 7. The Four Seasons in Contemporary American Art and Poetry  00
     Landscape Responses, ca. 1964@-1999  00
     Life Cycle Responses, ca. 1977@-1996  00
     Symbolic Serialism as a Structured Response to a Disorderly World  00
     Urban Responses, ca. 1982@-2000  00
     Versed in the Seasons: Confessional Moods and Contemporary Poetry  00
Conclusion: Science and the Seasons, Retrospection, and Reprise  00
     Contemporary Science, Seasonality, and Human Cycles  00
     Continuities and Change: The More Things Change . . .  00
     Noticing the Nuances of Seasonal Variability  00
     Seasonal Creativity and Spheres of Civil Life  00
Acknowledgments  00
Notes  00
Index  00

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