Table of contents for African Americans and political participation : a reference handbook / Minion K. C. Morrison, editor.

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Foreword, 00
Preface, 00
1	Overview, Minion K. C. Morrison, 00
	The Differential Status of African Americans: The Long Shadow of Enslavement and the Continuity of Resistance, 00
	The Study of African American Politics, 00
	Who Are the African Americans? 00
	African American Demographic Resources and the Political Process, 00
	Political Processes: The Slavery Era to the Present, 00
	Post-Depression Political Realignment: The New Democratic Coalition, 00
	Conclusion, 00
	References, 00
2	Protest Politics, Hanes Walton, Jr., 00
	Political Science and African American Protest, 00
	An Alternative Model: Resource Mobilization, 00
	African American Protests: Colonial, Slavery, and Abolition Periods, 00
	Primary Cases: Public Scripts of Protests during Slavery, 00
	Political Protest: National Organizations and Abolition, 00
	The Source of Race Leadership: Protest Spokespeople, 00
	The Institutional Church: Leadership, Protest, and Lobbying, 00
	Legalism as a Protest and Lobbying Technique, 00
	The Rise of Protest Demonstrations, Boycotts, and Political Violence, 00
	Voices of the 1960s: The Black Panther Party, 00
	The Montgomery Bus Boycott: A Case Study, 00
	The Rebirth of the Clientage Leader: The Post-Civil Rights Era, 00
	Conclusion, 00
	References, 00
3	Community Organizations, Civil Rights Groups, and Social Movements, Lawrence J. Hanks, 00
	African American Organizations in the Context of U.S. Interest Groups, 00
	The African American Church and Religious Leadership, 00
	Richard Allen and the AME Church: A Case Study, 00
	The Back to Africa Movements, 00
	Marcus Garvey: A Case Study of a Back to Africa Movement, 00
	The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, 00
	The National Urban League, 00
	The Nation of Islam (Black Muslims in America), 00
	The Million Man March: A Case Study, 00
	The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 00
	The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), 00
	Conclusion, 00
	References, 00
4	Participation in Electoral Politics, Byron D. Orey, 00
	Some Determinants of Political Behavior, 00
	African American Public Opinion and Partisan Identification, 00
	Racially Polarized Voting: An Outcome of Racial Exclusion and In-Group Processes, 00
	Political Behavior in the Colonial and Slavery Periods, 00
	Black Third-Party Efforts: A Case Study, 00
	Political Participation during Reconstruction, 00
	The Republican Party Identification: The Legacy of Lincoln, 00
	Reconstruction in South Carolina: Black over White-A Case Study, 00
	The Collapse of Reconstruction and Continued Republican Identification, 00
	African American Migration and the Emergence of the New Deal Democratic Coalition, 00
	The Democratic Party: Post-New Deal Coalition, 00
	The African American Democratic Bloc in National Politics, 00
	The African American Presidential Vote, 1952-2000, 00
	Post-Civil Rights Local Political Behavior, 00
	The Black Political Party Revisited, 00
	Democratic Party Conventions: Black Delegates and Black Presidential Candidates, 00
	Conclusion, 00
	References, 00
5	African Americans in Office, Minion K. C. Morrison and Richard Middleton, IV, 000
	The Meanings of Formal Office Holding, 000
	Foundations of Constant Struggle for Equality: Slavery and Ambivalence in Application of the Law, 000
	Formal Participation during Reconstruction, 000
	Political Participation from Post-Reconstruction to the Great Migration, 000
	The Great Migration and Party Realignment, 000
	The Civil Rights Movement, the New Democratic Coalition, and Judicial Activism, 000
	Post-Voting Rights Act Office Holding: A Census, 000
	African American Political and Bureaucratic Leadership, 000
	African Americans in the Federal Judiciary, 000
	Electoral Leadership and the African American Agenda, 000
	Jesse Jackson: A Democratic Party Contender for President, 000
	Conclusion, 000
	References, 000
6	Conclusion: A Limited Democracy for Blacks, Minion K. C. Morrison, 000
	Consistent Resistance and Mobilization of Allies, 000
	Demography: Ten Percent of the Population, Majority Southern, 000
7	Documents, 000
Key People, Laws, and Terms, 000
Resources, 000
	Political Organizations, 000
	Internet Sources, 000
Chronology, 000
Annotated Bibliography, 000
Index, 000
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