Table of contents for The silent cinema reader / edited by Lee Grieveson and Peter Krčamer.

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Silent Cinema Reader
1) Introduction 								                       
2) Prologue: Introduction						                                  
3) Charles Musser, "At the Beginning: Motion Picture Production,                          
Representation and Ideology at the Edison and Lumiere Companies."    
4) Film Projection and Variety Shows: Introduction		                                 
5) Tom Gunning, "Now You See It, Now You Don't: The Temporality of the          
Cinema of Attractions."
6) Frank Gray, "The Kiss in the Tunnel (1899), G. A. Smith and the Emergence of 
the   Edited Film in England."								
7) Richard Abel, "The Cinema of Attractions in France, 1896-1904."                   
8) Storytelling and the Nickelodeon: Introduction			                     
9) Charles Musser, ""Moving Towards Fictional Narratives: Story Films Become 
the Dominant Product, 1903-1907"
10) Richard Abel, "Pathé Goes to Town': French Films Create a Market for the 
Nickelodeon, 1903-1906."                                                                                    
11) Ben Singer, "Manhattan Nickelodeons: New Data on Audiences and 
12) Cinema and Reform: Introduction             					          
13) Tom Gunning, "From the Opium Den to the Theatre of Morality: Moral 
Discourse and the Film Process in Early American Cinema."                              
14) Roberta E. Pearson and William Uricchio, "How Many Times Shall Caesar 
Bleed in Sport: Shakespeare and the Cultural Debate about Moving Pictures."  
15) Lee Grieveson, "Fighting Films: Race, Morality, and the Governing of Cinema, 
16) Feature Films and Cinema Programmes: Introduction       		         
17) Charles J. Maland, "A Star is Born: American Culture and the Dynamics of 
Charlie Chaplin's Star Image, 1913-1916."		                                         
18) Shelley Stamp, "An Awful Struggle Between Love and Ambition: Serial Heroines, 
Serial Stars and their Female Fans."	                           		                     
19) Ben Brewster, "Traffic in Souls (1913): an Experiment in Feature-Length 
Narrative Construction."								                     
20) Linda Williams, "Race, Melodrama and The Birth of a Nation (1915)."         
21) Kristin Thompson, "The International Exploration of Cinematic Expressivity." 
22) Classical Hollywood Cinema: Introduction                                                        
 23) Peter Kramer, "The Making of a Comic Star: Buster Keaton and The Saphead 
 24) Gaylyn Studlar, "'The Perfect Lover'?: Valentino and Ethnic Masculinity in the 
25) Sumiko Higashi, "The New Woman and Consumer Culture: Cecil B. DeMille's 
Sex Comedies."									        
26) Ruth Vasey, "The Open Door: Hollywood's Public Relations at Home and 
Abroad, 1922-1928." 								        
27) European Cinemas: Introduction					                   
28) Yuri Tsivian, "New Notes on Russian Film Culture Between 1908 and 1919."
29) Kristin Thompson, "Early Alternatives to the Hollywood Mode of Production: 
Implications for Europe's Avant-Garde." 	
30) David Bordwell, "Monumental Heroics: Form and Style in Eisenstein's Silent 
 31) Joseph Garncarz, "Art and Industry: German Cinema of the 1920s."         

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