Table of contents for Using children's literature to learn about disabilities & illness : for parents and professionals working with young children / by Joan K. Blaska.

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Table of Contents
Introduction		1
Chapter 1: Why It's Important for Young Children to Learn
About Disabilities and Chronic Illness		5
Introduction		5
Influence of Books and Reading		6
Bias Free Curriculum		8
Inclusionary Programs		9
Emergent Literacy		9
Diverse Children's Literature & Materials		11
Diversity Self-Quiz		12
Chapter 2: Using Books with Young Children		15
Introduction		15
Reading to Infants		16
Reading to Toddlers & Preschoolers		17
Reading Aloud to Children		17
Additional Hints for Reading to Young Children		19
Chapter 3: Learning About Likenesses and Difference		21
Introduction		21
Children's Awareness of Differences		21
How We Are Alike, Yet Different		22
Annotated Bibliography: Children's Books About Differences		24
Chapter 4: Talking About Disabilities and Chronic Illness
With Young Children		33
Introduction		33
Respect and Dignity		34
Using "Person First" Language		35
Spiraling Concepts Throughout the Curriculum or
Throughout Time		38
Overview of Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses with Responses
to Children's Questions		39
Chapter 5: Annotated Bibliography: Children's Books that
Include Characters with Disabilities or Illness		59
Introduction of Bibliographic Information		59
Annotated Bibliography		63
Chapter 6: Children's Books Cross-Referenced by
Disability and Chronic Illness		147
Introduction		147
Books Listed by Disability and Chronic Illness		148
Chapter 7: Curriculum Panning Using Theme and
Literature-Based Approaches		159
Introduction		159
Developing Text Sets		160
Using a Theme Approach		162
Using a Literature-Based Approach		163
Using Inclusionary Units/Webs		165
Chapter 8: Children's Books Cross-Referenced by Theme		169
Introduction		169
Books Listed by Theme		170
Chapter 9: Text Set Lesson		193
Introduction		193
Sample Lesson Plans		195
Text Set Lesson Plan Form		197
Appendix A
Images & Encounters Profile-Tool to Review Books with
Characters with Disabilities		199
Appendix B
Children's Books That Include Persons with Disabilities or
Illnesses Alphabetized by Title		201
Appendix C
Children's Books Cross-Referenced by Category-
According to How the Disability or Illness was
Presented in the Story		209
Appendix D
Activities for Teaching Young Children About Disabilities		219
Appendix E
Publishers of Children's Books		225
Appendix F
National Disability Organizations and Agencies		235
Index		239

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