Table of contents for The vanishing hectare : property and value in postsocialist Transylvania / Katherine Verdery.

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List of Illustrations	viii
Preface	xi
Acknowledgments	xiv
Note on pronunciation	xvii
Glossary	xix
Introduction: Property, Value, and Global 
Transformation	1
Themes and Events	3
Concepts	18
Research Site	41
Notes	45
Chapter 1. Property in Socialism: Collectivization, 
Administrative Rights, and the Circulation of Goods	64
Collectivizing Land 66
The Organization of Socialist Property	74
Socialist Property In Process	92
Implications	108
Notes	119
Chapter 2. Unmaking Socialist Agriculture: Contexts 
of Restitution in the 1990s	129
Comparative Decollectivizations	131
Legislating Decollectivization In Romania	152
Government Policy Toward Agriculture	166
Property and Politics	179
Notes	183
Chapter 3. Elasticity Revisited: Decollectivization 
Politics in Vlaicu	196
Vlaicu's Particulars	203
Undoing The Collective	209
Chicanery in the Commune	224
Compromised Legitimacy	249
Notes	251
Chapter 4. New Kin, New Serfs, New Masters: Transformed 
Social Relations and the Meanings of Land	257
Kinship, Labor, and Social Conflict	259
Meanings Of Land	275
Local Values and Central Directives	288
Notes	291
Chapter 5. The Death of a Peasantry: From Smallholders 
to Rentiers	302
Working Land	305
The Crisis Of Labor	332
Devaluation And Revaluation	345
Retraditionalized Peasants	348
Notes	353
Chapter 6. Of Credits and Credibility: The Rise and 
Fall of the Vlaicu Association	360
Context	363
Creating an Association	366
Securing Land and Labor	374
Capital Inputs Equipment, Materials, and Tillage	390
Collapse	399
Comparative Associations	403
Associations As Heirs of Socialism	412
Notes	422
Chapter 7. The Dynamics of Decapitalization: The Fate 
of Vlaicu's State Farms	431
Privatizing Romania's State Farms	436
State Farms in Vlaicu	447
From Showcase State Farm to the Auction Block	450
The Dynamics Of Devaluation	476
Notes	483
Chapter 8. From Debts to Dallas: Value Transformation 
and the Rise of Super-Tenants	489
Trajectories Into Commercial Farming	496
Conditions of Success in Transforming Value	530
Notes	540
Conclusion: Property Processes and Effects	544
Rural Groups in Interaction	548
Property and Value after Socialism	558
The Specificities of Postsocialism	569
Notes	572
Appendix 1. Inventory of the Vlaicu Association, 1992	574
Bibliography	576
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