Table of contents for The afterlife / Penelope Fitzgerald ; edited by Terence Dooley with Christopher Carduff and Mandy Kirkby ; introduction by Hermione Lee.

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Introduction by Hermione Lee
EditorÆs Note
Jane Austen
EmmaÆs Fancy
William Blake
The Unfading Vision
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Talking Through the Darkness
Sarah Orne Jewett
The News from Dunnet Landing
George Eliot
The Will to Good
Not Herself
Mrs. Oliphant
The Heart and Soul of Carlingford
The Mystery of Mrs. Oliphant
The Victorians
Called Against His Will
The Need for Open Spaces
In the Golden Afternoon
Old Foss and Friend
The Sound of Tennyson
The June-blue Heaven
William Morris
His Daily Bread
Something Sweet to Come
ôWhatever Is Unhappy Is Immoralö
Arts and Crafts
Lasting Impressions
Designs and Devices
The Gospel of Joyous Work
Rhyme and Meter
The Poetry Bookshop
Miss LottiÆs Story
A Questioning Child
The Consolations of Housman
M. R. James
Monty and His Ghosts
The World of Punch
Thin, Fat, and Crazy
EvoeÆs Choice
KipperÆs Line
Yeats and his Circle
A Bird Tied to a String
Too Long a Sacrifice
Lily and Lolly
Monsieur Moore of Mayo
New Women and Newer
Dear Sphinx
Out of the Stream
Keeping Warm
The Real Johnny Hall
An All Right Girl
Passion, Scholarship, and Influence
A Way into Life
Breathing Together
Living Doll and Lilac Fairy
Moderns and Anti-Moderns
The Great Encourager
A Student of Oblivion
Dame Cissie
Raging Martyr
The Near and the Far
Betrayed by His Century
The Only Member of His Club
The Forties and After
WhatÆs Happening in the Engine Room
A Kind of Magician
The Man from Narnia
ôNot at All Whimsicalö
An Unforgettable Voice
Joy and Fear
ôReally, One Should Burn Everythingö
Precious Moments Gone
Writers and Witnesses
A Secret Richness
A Character in One of GodÆs Dreams
The Great Importance of Small Things
Fried Nappy
To Remember Is to Forgive
Luck Dispensers
Watchers and Waiters
What Daisy Knew
GrandmotherÆs Footsteps
A Fortunate Man
The Grange
The Moors
CanalettoÆs Venice
The Holy Land
Life and Letters
Curriculum Vitae
Scenes of Childhood
Thinking of Balcombe
Well Walk
Aspects of Fiction
Following the Plot
Hearing Them Speak
Why I Write
How I Write: DaisyÆs Interview
Last Words

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