Table of contents for The essential Weber : a reader / edited by Sam Whimster.

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	The Essential Weber
	 Edited and introduced by Sam Whimster
Introduction to Max Weber   
Part A: Comparing civilizations and  the origins of modernity
Introduction to Part A
1. 'Puritanism and the spirit of capitalism'
2. 'Confucianism and Puritanism Compared' 
3. 'Introduction to the Economic Ethics of World Religions' 
4. 'Religions of civilization and their attitude to the world'
5. 'Prefatory Remarks to the Collected Essays in the Sociology of Religion'
Further reading.
Part B: Structures of Power and Stratification
Introduction to Part B 
1. 'Politics and the state' 
2. 'The three pure types of  legitimate rule'
3. 'The Nation'
4. 'The Belief in Common Ethnicity'
5. 'The Household Community'
6. 'Capitalism in Antiquity'
7. 'The conditions of maximum formal rationality of capital accounting'
8. 'Status groups and classes'
9.  'The distribution of power in society: classes, status groups and parties'
10. 'Parties'
Further Reading for Part B
Part C: The Dilemmas of Modernity
Introduction to Part C 
1. 'Intermediate Reflection on the Economic Ethics of World Religions.'
2. 'Bureaucracy: Characteristics of Modern Bureaucracy; The Technical Superiority of Bureaucratic Organization over Administration by Notables'
3. 'Formal and Substantive Rationalization. The General Conditions of Legal Formalism'
4. 'The Vocation of Politics' 
5. 'The Vocation of Science' 
Further reading.
Part D: Methodology of the Social Sciences
Introduction to Part D 
1. 'Basic Sociological Concepts'
2. 'The "Objectivity" of knowledge in the social and policy sciences'
Further Reading.

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