Table of contents for 100 questions & answers about heart attack and related cardiac problems / Edward K. Chung.

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Part 1. The Basics
Questions 1-15 describe the heart's anatomy and functions along with a description of a heart attack in questions such as:
* What is the structure of a normal heart?
* What are the normal heart functions?
* What is angina pectoris or angina? 
* What is a heart attack? 
Part 2. Risks Factors, Symptoms, and Diagnosis of Heart Attacks
Questions 16-52 discuss personal factors that can increase your risk of heart attack, along with the symptoms that accompany a heart attack and the tests used to diagnose one, including:
* Why is high blood pressure the major coronary risk factor?
* What is cholesterol? What is "bad" (LDL) vs "good" (HDL) cholesterol?
* How is diabetes harmful?
* What diseases or disorders may mimic a heart attack?
Part 3. Problems After a Heart Attack
Questions 53-67 describe health problems related to a heart attack and how they can be managed, including:
* What are cardiac arrhythmias and how should they be handled?
* What is heart failure?
* What is a heart block?
* What is cardiac arrest?
Part 4. Treating a Heart Attack
Questions 68-89 discuss long-term treatments to address heart conditions that a heart attack survivor may suffer, such as:
* What medications are commonly used for heart attack victims?
* What is thrombolytic therapy, and who needs it?
* What is coronary angioplasty, and who needs it?
* What is a coronary stent, and who needs it?
* What is coronary artery bypass graft, and who needs it?
Part 5: Living After a Heart Attack
Questions 90-99 describe lifestyle changes and techniques that can improve a heart attack survivor's length and quality of life, including:
* What is cardiopulmonary resuscitation and who needs it?
* How much will my attitude contribute to my recovery? 
* Do I face lifelong medications and check-ups after recovering from a heart attack?
* How do I prevent another heart attack?
Question 100 is a list of web sites, organizations, and publications to help heart attack survivors and their families find additional resources on general and specific topics related to heart attacks and cardiac disease.

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