Table of contents for Citizen Bacchae : women's ritual practice in ancient Greece / Barbara Goff.

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Note on the Text
Introduction: 	Scope
Chapter One: 	Working Towards a Material Presence
		Crises of the oikos
		A ritual year
		Sacrifice and dedication
		The works of women
		The priestess
		The economics of ritual practice
Chapter Two:  Ritual Management of Desire: the reproduction of sexuality
		The chorus
		The Arrhephoria
		The Arkteia
		The kanephoros
The wedding
		The Spartans
		The ideology of adult women
		The Thesmophoria
		The Adonia
		The Haloa
		The other women: 	the virgin
					the postsexual woman
					the adulteress
					the prostitute
Chapter Three: In and Out of the City: imaginary citizens
		Imaginary interventions?
		Choosing women
		Athenian intersections
		Honouring women
		Saving the city
		Cities of women:	Arrhephoria and Arkteia
					Adonis and Dionysos
		The Pythia
Chapter Four: Representing Women: ritual as a cultural resource
		Women writing
		Women reading
		The authority of possession
Chapter Five: Women Represented: ritual in drama
		Conflict studies: 	Seven Against Thebes
					The Oresteia
		Women of Thebes and of Athens:	Theban women
							Suppliant Women
		Priestess and Prophetess:	Oresteia
						Trojan Women
						Iphigeneia among the Taurians
		Three Last Plays:	Bakchai
					Iphigeneia at Aulis
					Oedipus at Colonus
		Comic exaggeration:	Lysistrata
					Women at the Thesmophoria
					Women in the Assembly

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