Table of contents for Art as performance / David Davies.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 	Introduction
1) Challenges to Aesthetic Empiricism
2) Methodological Interlude: The 'Pragmatic Constraint' on the Ontology of Art
Chapter 2	Aesthetic Empiricism and the Philosophy of Art
1) 	Aesthetic Empiricism
2) 	Indirect Arguments Against Aesthetic Empiricism
3) 	Direct Arguments Against Aesthetic Empiricism
4) 	Drawing Ontological Conclusions from the Counter-Empiricist Arguments
Chapter 3	The Fine Structure of the Focus of Appreciation
1) 	The Structure of the Focus of Appreciation
1a) The articulation of artistic statements
1b) 'Two-foldness' and articulation in a medium
1c) 'Artistic Medium' and 'Vehicular Medium'
2)  	Performance and Appreciation
3)  	Ontology After Empiricism	
Chapter 4   	The Artwork as Performance: An Argument from Artistic Intentions
1) 	Overview
2) 	The Bearing of Provenance on Work and Focus
3) 	Artistic Intentions and the Ontology of Art
3a) Interpretation and Intention
3b) A Role for Actual Intentions
3c) Ontological Implications
4) 	Conclusions
Chapter 5   	Provenance, Modality, and the Identity of the Artwork
1) 	Preliminaries
2) 	The Work-Relativity of Modality
3) 	A Strategy for Accommodating the Work-Relativity of Modality
4) 	Appendix - A Defence of the Modality Principle	
Chapter 6  	Artwork, Action, and Performance
	1) 	The 'Action Type Hypothesis'
2) 	Assessing the ATH
2a) Problems with the 'heuristic path'
2b) Problems with the 'structure'
2c) Problems with 'action types'
2d) Problems with modality
3) 	Currie and his Critics
Chapter 7   	Art as Performance
1) 	Elaborating the Performance Theory
2) 	Structure and Focus
3) 	Heuristics and the Individuation of Artworks
4) 	Work-Constitution and Modality on the Performance Theory
5) 	Performances, Actions, and Doings
Chapter 8   	Revisionism and Modernism Revisited
1) 	Revisionism Revisited
2) 	Performance and the Challenge of the Modern
2a) Works as Contextualised Entities
2b) Locating Performance in the Work - An Example
2c) Works as Performances
3) 	More on Forgeries
Chapter 9   	Performance as Art
1) 	Performance as Art
2) 	Performed works and work-performances
3) 	Work-performances and Performance-works
4) 	Performance-works and Improvisation
Chapter 10  	Defining 'Art' as Performance, and the Values of Art
1) 	Notes Towards a Definition of 'Art'
2) 	The Values of Art
3) 	Conclusions: The Case Against Contextualism

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