Table of contents for The everything personal finance in your 20s & 30s book / Debby Fowles.

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Chapter 1: Setting Your Financial Goals
Why Financial Goals Are Important
Calculating Net Worth: Your Financial Snapshot
Decide What You Want to Achieve
Break It Down
Evaluating Your Progress
Educating Yourself About Money Matters
Chapter 2: Guilt-free Budgeting
It's All About Attitude
Customizing Your Budget
Setting Spending Goals by Category
Monitor Your Progress Monthly
Plug Any Spending Leaks
Personal Finance Software
Stay Motivated
Chapter 3: The Secrets to Saving Money
The Magic of Compounding
The Rule of 72
The Danger of Inflation
The Time Value of Money
Building an Emergency Fund
The Fun of Frugality
Luxury Items and Loss of Value
Chapter 4: Banking Basics
Choosing a Bank
Banking Costs
Overdraft Protection
Automated Teller Machines
Debit Cards
It's Time to Balance Your Checkbook
Best Places to Stash Your Cash
Chapter 5: Credit Cards 101
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
What's Out There
Choosing What's Best for You
If You Have Damaged Credit
Using Credit Cards Wisely
Pay It Off!
Warning Signs of Too Much Debt
Protecting Yourself Against Losses
Chapter 6: Digging Out of Credit Card Debt
Your Credit Report and How It Works
Paying Down Debt on Your Own
Getting Help from a Finance Company
Bill Paying Services
Transferring Credit Card Balances
Borrowing From Your 401(k)
Credit Counseling Service
Negotiating with Credit Card Companies
Avoiding Credit Repair Scams
Chapter 7: Other Credit Issues
Installment, Secured, and Unsecured Loans
Creditors and Debt Collectors
Filing for Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Reorganization
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Liquidation
Using Bankruptcy as a Debt Management Tool
Avoiding Financial Scams and Schemes
Chapter 8: Student Loans
Stafford Loans
Federal Perkins Loans
Keep Track of the Interest Rates
Defaulting on Your Student Loan
Rehabilitating Your Defaulted Student Loan
Resolving Student Loan Disputes
Consolidating Your Student Loans
A Tax Break
Chapter 9: Show Me the Money: Work and Career
Choosing a Job with Potential
Your Worth to an Employer
Negotiating Your Salary and Benefits Package
Evaluating Your Employee Benefits
Employee Ownership Plans
Asking for a Raise
Losing Your Job Without Losing Your Shirt
So You Want to Be Your Own Boss?
Chapter 10: Moving On: Finding New Living Space
Your Housing Options
Finding an Apartment
Signing the Lease
Deposits and Other Charges
Renting with Roommates
Renter's Insurance
Cost of Living Differences
Automotive Costs Related to Moving
Tax Issues Related to Moving
Chapter 11: Buying a Home
Owning Isn't for Everyone
Getting Ready for Home Ownership
How Mortgages Work
Types of Mortgages
Choosing the Best Mortgage for You
The Home Buying Process
Closing the Deal
Home Ownership Tax Savings
Be Prepared for Other Expenses
Chapter 12: Living with a Mortgage
Planning Home Improvements
Building a Home
Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit
Escrow Accounts
Refinancing Your Mortgage
Prepaying Your Mortgage
Selling Your Home
Facing Foreclosure
Chapter 13: Getting Deals on Wheels
New or Used?
Paying for a New Car
What about Leasing?
Negotiating the Price
Using a Car-buying Service
Using the Internet
The True Cost of Ownership
Extended Warranties
Buying Credit Life Insurance
Chapter 14: Marriage and Family
Tying the Financial Knot
Do We Need a Pre-nuptial Agreement?
Planning an Affordable Wedding
Preparing for the Marriage Tax Penalty
Beneficiaries, Name Changes, and Wills
Planning for a Baby
Can You Afford to Stay Home?
Raising Financially Savvy Kids
The Financial Impact of Divorce
Chapter 15: Unwed But Not Unwise
Moving in Together
Non-marital Agreements
Common Law Marriages
Mingling Your Assets
Buying a House Together
Sharing Expenses
Taxes for Unmarried Couples
Other Issues
Chapter 16: Minimizing Income Taxes
Federal Income Taxes--the Basics
Standard and Itemized Deductions
Preparing Your Tax Return
Hiring a Tax Accountant or Service
Making Tax-wise Financial Decisions
Keeping Good Tax Records
Surviving an Audit
When You Can't Pay Your Taxes
Chapter 17. Investing: Profits and Risks
The Big Picture
Risk Tolerance and Asset Allocation
Investing in Stocks
Investing in Bonds
Mutual Funds
Using the Internet for Investment Research
Using a Financial Planner
Chapter 18: Retirement: Planning for Tomorrow
The Younger, the Better
Defined Benefit Plans
Defined Contribution Plans
401(k) Plans
403(b) and 457(c) Plans
Individual Retirements Accounts
Keogh Plans
Choosing the Right Investments
A Word on Social Security
Chapter 19: Insurance: Buying Security
Life Insurance
Health Insurance
What about COBRA?
Disability Insurance
Homeowner's Insurance
Auto Insurance
Other Types of Insurance
Chapter 20: Estate Planning
In Your Twenties and Thirties
Where There's a Will, There's a Way
Serving as Executor of a Will
Wishes for Your Final Arrangements
Medical Directives and Living Wills
Probate and Trusts
Estate Taxes

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