Table of contents for Giving preservation a history / edited by Max Page and Randall Mason.

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Table of Contents
I. Introduction: Giving Preservation a History - Max Page & Randall Mason
II.  Origin Stories:  Finding the Roots of Historic Preservation in the
United States
Chapter 1-- The Heritage Crusade and its Contradictions - David Lowenthal
Chapter 2--"On Cults and Cultists: German Historic Preservation in the 
Twentieth Century"- Rudy Koshar
III. The Many Movements for Preservation in the United States in the 20th Century
Chapter 3--Roots in Boston, Branches in Parks and Planning - Michael Holleran
Chapter 4--"A Spirit That Fires the Imagination:" Historic Preservation and 
Cultural Regeneration  in Virginia and New England, 1850-1950 - James 
Chapter 5-- Historic Preservation, Public Memory, and the Making of 
Modern New York City -  Randall Mason
Chapter 6-- Marketing the Past: Historic Preservation in Providence, 
Rhode Island- Briann Greenfield
Chapter 7--Place Over Time: Restoration and Revivalism in Santa Fe  - 
Chris Wilson
Chapter 8--Chicago's Mecca Flat Blues - Daniel Bluestone
Chapter 9--Ancestral Architecture: The Early Preservation Movement in 
Charleston-Robert Weyeneth
Chapter 10-- Making History:  Historic Preservation and Civic Identity in Denver 
- Judy Morley
IV.  Conclusion: Preservation's Past and Future: Reflections on the Contemporary 
Politics of Preservation - Ned Kaufman

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