Table of contents for Mockeries and metamorphoses of an Aztec god : Tezcatlipoca, "lord of the smoking mirror" / Guilhem Olivier ; translated by Michel Besson.

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Chapter One. The names of Tezcatlipoca
1. The powers of speech and the name of the "Lord of the Smoking Mirror"
2. Tezcatlipoca: mocking devil or Lord of fate?
3. Tezcatlipoca, sorcerer of the night wind
4. Tezcatlipoca or the privileges of youth
5. Tezcatlipoca, the god as seducer
6. Calendar names of Tezcatlipoca: ce miquiztli, the susceptible benefactor; ome acatl, the lunar god of abundance and sin
7. First results
Chapter Two. The representations of Tezcatlipoca
1. The descriptions of Tezcatlipoca in written sources
2. The representations of Tezcatlipoca in the codices
3. Have statues of Tezcatlipoca been preserved?
4. Painted and engraved representations of Tezcatlipoca
5. The tlaquimilolli of Tezcatlipoca and the king's consecration
6. First results
Chapter Three. The origins of Tezcatlipoca: Between the jaguar and obsidian
1. In search of the origins of Tezcatlipoca
2. Tepeyollotl, the heart of the mountain
3. Tezcatlipoca between flint stone and obsidian
4. First results
Chapter Four. Tezcatlipoca and the fall of Tollan
1. Some interpretations of Toltec "history"
2. Tezcatlipoca and the Sun of the Toltecs
3. The end of the Toltec Sun
4. The causes of the fall: Quetzalcoatl and Huemac, or the new culprits of Tollan-Tamoanchan
5. The destruction of the Toltecs and the heralding of the new Mexica power
6. First results
Chapter Five. The cult of Tezcatlipoca: His temples and his priests
1. The temples of Tezcatlipoca
2. The problem of the momoztli
3. The priests of Tezcatlipoca
4. The color black
5. First results
Chapter Six. The cult of Tezcatlipoca: the Feast of Toxcatl
1. The descriptions of the feast of Toxcatl and the veintena names
2. Modern interpretations of the feast of Toxcatl and calendar problems
3. Analysis of the feast of Toxcatl: the representatives of the gods
4. Analysis of the feast of Toxcatl: myths and rituals
5. First results
Chapter Seven. The torn foot and the smoking mirror: Two symbols of Tezcatlipoca
1. Tezcatlipoca's torn foot
2. The mirrors in Mesoamerica
3. Tezcatlipoca's mirror, instrument of the sorcerer and master of fate
4. The mirror, between fire and water: an essay on the symbolism of the smoking mirror
5. First results

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