Table of contents for On the music of Stefan Wolpe : essays and recollections / edited by Austin Clarkson.

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List of Illustrations                                         viii
Acknowledgments                                            x 
Introduction                                                       1
           Austin Clarkson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I Engagements 
1. The Would-Be Master Student: Stefan Wolpe and Ferruccio Busoni          31
           Tamara Levitz
2. The Weimar Republic as Socio-Cultural Context for the Songs of 41          41
          Zoltan Roman
3. Music Content and Speech Content in the Political Compositions               59
          Thomas Phleps
4. A Modernist Composer in an Immigrant Community: The Quest for            75
                   Status and National Ideology 
           Jehoash Hirshberg
5. Stefan Wolpe: Man of Temperament                                                          95
           Dore Ashton
6. The Eighth Street Club, From A Thousand Birds: A Biographical Memoir    103
           Hilda Morley Wolpe 
7. Black Mountain College as Context for the Writings of Wolpe 1952-1956    111
           Andrew Kohn 
8. A Composer Sitting Between the Chairs: Wolpe, Cage, Adorno                    133
            Dick Leutscher 
9. The Sense of Nonsense: Wolpe, Satie, Cage                                                  139
            Jack Behrens with Austin Clarkson 
10. Concepts of Dada and Postmodernism in Wolpe's "Lecture on Dada"        153 
             Friedhelm Lach 
II. Makings 
11. Beyond Neoclassicism and Dodecaphony: Wolpe's Third Way                      165
              Martin Zenck 
12. On Performing Battle Piece                                                                                187 
             David Holzman 
13. The Proportions of Density 21.5: Wolpean Symmetries in the Music of 
                           Edgard Var\'e9se                                                                               207
              Matthew Greenbaum 
14. A Labyrinthine Universe: The One and Only Symphony No. 1                                221                              
               Robert Falck 
15. Structure and Imagination II: Thinking and Writing Music in                                      233 
                           Milton Babbitt and Stefan Wolpe 
               Edward Levy 
16. A Concrete Element You Work With: Wolpe and the Painters                                   245
                Martin Brody
17. Some Processes in Wolpe's Piece in Three Parts for Piano and                                263
                            Sixteen Instruments 
                Robert D. Morris 
18. Distinctive and Original Features of the Pitch Structures in Part One                         279
                             of Wolpe's In Two Parts for Six Players 
               William Benjamin 
19. Structures of Fantasy: Part Two of Wolpe's In Two Parts for Six Players                  289 
                Katherine Malyj 
20. On Wolpe's Piece in Two Parts for Violin Alone                                                         311
                Raoul Pleskow
A. Chronolgy                                                                                                                       317
B. Catalogue of Compositions                                                                                              
1. Complete Works                                                                                                              323
2. Fragments                                                                                                                         337
C. Bibliography                                                                                                                      339
D. Discography                                                                                                                      351
E. CD Program of recorded excerpts                                                                                      354
Index                                                                                                                                      355

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