Table of contents for Goof-proof college admissions essays / Lauren Starkey.

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Section One:  The Goof Up - Skipping Important Prewriting Steps
Rule #1: Find Your Voice: Journaling
Rule #2: Take a Personal Inventory
Rule #3: Expand Your Notes
Rule #4: Explore the Topics
Rule #5: Choose a Topic
Section Two: The Goof-Up- Not Writing a Workable Rough Draft
Rule #6: Focus Your Topic
Rule #7: It's All in the Details
Rule #8: Write to Your Audience
Rule #9: Write a Compelling Introduction
Rule #10: Use the Body of Your Essay Effectively
Rule #11: Finish with a Flourish
Rule #12: Watch What You Read
Section Three: The Goof-Up-Writing without Clarity
Rule #13: Make Modifiers Work for You
Rule #14: Be Concise
Rule #15: Eliminate Ambiguity
Rule #16: Avoid Unclear Pronoun References
Rule #17: Avoid Unnecessary Repetition
Rule #18: Think Twice before Opening Your Thesaurus
Section Four: The Goof-Up-Choosing the Wrong Words
Rule #19: Learn the Most Commonly Confused Words, and Use Them Properly
Rule #20: Learn the Most Misused Words, and Use Them Properly
Rule #21: Don't Use Words That Aren't Really Words
Rule #22: Don't Use Words or Phrases That Might Offend Your Reader
Rule #23: Understand Positive and Negative Connotations to Choose Words Wisely
Rule #24: Formality versus Informality
Rule #25: Avoid Overly Informal and Overused Language
Section Five: The Goof-Up-Misunderstanding the Basic Mechanics of Writing 
Rule #26: Avoid Common Usage Errors with Parts of Speech
Rule #27: Avoid Dangling Participles and Misplaced Modifiers
Rule #28: Nouns and Verbs Must Agree in Number
Rule #29: Strive To Write In The Active, Rather Than The Passive, Voice
		Rule #30: Avoid Verb Tense Shifts
Rule #31: Avoid Double Negatives
Rule #32: There is No Excuse for Spelling Mistakes
	Rule #33: Use Punctuation Marks Correctly	
Rule #34: Use Capital Letters Appropriately
Section Six: The Goof-Up-Not Revising, Editing, and Proofreading Your Essay
Rule #35: How to Revise 
Rule #36: How to Edit
Rule #37: Professional Revision and Editing Tricks: Harnessing the Power of Your Word Processor
Rule #38:  How to Proofread
Rule #39: Professional Proofreading Tricks to Catch Spelling Error
Section Seven: The Goof-Up-Using the Wrong Application
Rule #40: The In's and Out's of Online Submission
Rule #41: The In's and Out's of Mail In submission
Section 8: Resources
Appendix A: Online and Print Resources, Spell- and Grammar-Checking Functions
Appendix B:	Answer Key

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