Table of contents for The feminist standpoint theory reader : intellectual and political controversies / edited by Sandra Harding.

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 Table of Contents
1. Introduction: Standpoint Theory as a Site of Political, Philosophic, and Scientific Debate
Sandra Harding  
I: The Logic of a Standpoint
2. Women's Perspective as a Radical Critique of Sociology
Dorothy E. Smith
3. The Feminist Standpoint: Developing the Ground for a Specifically Feminist Historical 
Nancy C. M. Hartsock  
4. Feminist Politics and Epistemology: The Standpoint of Women
Alison M. Jaggar
5. Hand, Brain, and Heart: A Feminist Epistemology for the Natural Sciences
Hilary Rose
6. Situated Knowledges: The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial 
Donna Haraway 
7. Learning from the Outsider Within: The Sociological Significance of Black Feminist Thought
Patricia Hill Collins 
8. Rethinking Standpoint Epistemology: What is "Strong Objectivity"?  
Sandra Harding
II. Identifying Standpoints
9. History and Class Consciousness as an "Unfinished Project"
Fredric Jameson
10. Choosing the Margin as a Space of Radical Openness
bell hooks
11. Maternal Thinking as a Feminist Standpoint
Sara Ruddick
12. Feminism, Marxism, Method, and the State: Toward Feminist Jurisprudence
Catharine A. MacKinnon
13. Labor, Standpoints, and Feminist Subjects
Kathi Weeks
14. U.S. Third World Feminism: The Theory and Method of Differential Oppositional 
Chela Sandoval
III. Controversies, Limits, Revisionings
15. The Project of Feminist Epistemology: Perspectives from a Nonwestern Feminist
Uma Narayan 
16. Truth and Method: Feminist Standpoint Theory Revisited
Susan Hekman  
17. Comment on Hekman's "Truth and Method: Feminist Standpoint Theory Revisited": Truth 
or Justice? 
Nancy C. M. Hartsock
18. Comment on Hekman's "Truth and Method: Feminist Standpoint Theory Revisited": 
Where's the Power? 
Patricia Hill Collins
19. Comment on Hekman's "Truth and Method: Feminist Standpoint Theory Revisited": Whose 
Standpoint Needs the Regimes of Truth and Reality?
Sandra Harding
20. Comment on Hekman's "Truth and Method: Feminist Standpoint Theory Revisited"
Dorothy E. Smith
21. Reply to Hartsock, Collins, Harding, and Smith
Susan Hekman
22.  Strange Standpoints, or: How to Define the Situation for Situated Knowledge 
Dick Pels
IV. Modern or Postmodern? Natural or Only Social Sciences? 
23. Feminist Epistemologies for Critical Social Theory: From Standpoint Theory to Situated 
Fernando J. Garc¡a Selgas
24. Building Standpoints
Sarah Bracke and Maria Puig de la Bellacasa
25. Feminist Standpoint as Postmodern Strategy
Nancy J. Hirschmann
26. The Subsistence Perspective
Maria Mies and Vandana Shiva
27.  Why Standpoint Matters
Alison Wylie
28.  Feminism and the Social Construction of Scientific Knowledge
Joseph Rouse

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