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TOM YOUNG Introduction
1. Appraising the Modern African State 
A. ZOLBERG 'The partyState in Perspective', from Creating Political Order: The Party States of West Africa 
ROBERT H. BATES Rental Havens & Protective Shelters' : Orgins of Political Marginalism', from Markets & States in Tropical Africa 
GORAN HYDEN 'Conditions of Governance" from No Shortcuts to Progress: Afiican Development Management in Perspective 
ROBERT H. JACKSON & C.G. ROSBERG 'Personal Rule: Theory & Practice in Africa', extract, from Comparative Politics
ROBERT FATTON, Jr 'Bringing the Ruling Class Back In: Class, State & Hegemony in Africa', from Comparative Politics
JEANFRANCOIS BAYART 'The State', translated from 'L:Etat' in Coulon & Martin (eds): Les Afriques Politiques
MAHMOOD MAMDANI 'Conclusion: Linking the Urban & the Rural', from Citizen & Subject: Contemporary Africa & the Legacy of Late Colonialism
PATRICK CHABAL & JEANPASCAL DALOZ 'The Instrumentalization of Disorder', from Africa Works: Disorder as Political Instrument
2. Dimensions of Conflict
ROY MAY 'Internal Dimensions of Warfare in Chad', from Cambridge Anthropology
M. HALL & TOM YOUNG 'Mozambique at War with Itself', from Confronting Leviathan: Mozambique Since Independence
TOYIN FALOLA 'Confronting the State: Yakubu Yahaya & the Katsina Riot, 1991', from
Violence in Nigeria: The Crisis of Religious Politics & Secular Ideologies
JON ABBINK 'Ritual & Political Forms of Violent Practice among the Suri of Southern Ethiopia', from Cahiers dEtudes Afticaines
REMY BAZENGUISSAGANGA 'The Spread of Political Violence in CongoBrazzaville', from African Affairs
3. The Local & the Traditional
MITZI GOHEEN 'Chiefs, SubChiefs & Local Control: Negotiations over Land, Struggles over Meaning', from Africa
JOHN HAMER 'Commensality, Process & the Moral Order: An Example from Southern Ethiopia', from Africa
RICHARD FANTHORPE 'Locating the Politics of a Sierra Leonean Chiefdom', from Africa
STEN HAGBERG 'Mobilisation of Rights through Organisational Structures', from Between Peace &Justice: Dispute Settlement between Karaboro Agriculturalists & Fulbe AgroPastoralists in Burkina Faso
4. The Politics of New Social Forces
MAMADOU DIOUF 'Urban Youth & Senegalese Politics: Dakar 19881994', from Public Culture
RONALD KASSIMIR 'The Social Power of Religious Organisation & Civil Society: The Catholic Church in Uganda', from N. Kasfir, ed. Civil Society & Democracy in Africa
AILI MARI TRIPP 'Everyday Forms of Resistance & Transformations of Economic Policy', from Changing the Rules: The Politics of Liberalisation & the Urban Informal Economy in Tanzania
BESSIE HOUSEMIDAMBA 'Gender, Democratization & Associational Life in Kenya', from Africa Today
5. Political Change
JOCELYN ALEXANDER 'The Local State in PostWar Mozambique: Political Practice & Ideas about Authority', from Africa
SALLY FALK MOORE 'PostSocialist MicroPolitics: Kilimanjaro, 1993', from Afi,ica
WIM VAN BINSBERGEN 'Aspects of Democracy & Democratisation in Zambia & Botswana: Exploring African Political Culture at the Grassroots', from journal of Contemporary African StudiesMIKAEL KARLSTROM 'Imagining Democracy: Political Culture & Democratisation in Buganda' from Afiica
ADAM ASHFORTH 'Witchcraft, Violence & Democracy in the New South Africa', from Cahiers d'Etudes Africaines

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