Table of contents for Voting for women : how the public evaluates women candidates / Kathleen A. Dolan.

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Tables and Figures00
1Voters and Women Candidates00
The Potential Role for Candidate Sex in Elections, 00
The Important Role of Stereotypes, 00
Evidence of the Impact of Candidate Sex, 00
Why Might People Vote for A Woman Candidate?, 00
Moving Beyond Hypotheticals: The National Election Study, 00
Notes, 00
2A Brief History of Women in U.S. Elections00
A History of Women Candidates in the U.S., 00
Political Attitudes on Women in Politics, 00
Changes Among Women Bring Changes for Women Candidates, 00
Structural Barriers, 00
Notes, 00
3Evaluations of Women Candidates00
Stereotypes, 00
Political Ideology, 00
Salience, 00
Issue Stereotypes, 00
Notes, 00
4Who Votes for Women Candidates? - Voter 
Influences on Congressional Vote Choice, 00
Demographic Influences on Voting for Women, 00
A First Look at Support for Women - The General Social 
Survey, 00
Examining Real-World Elections: The National Election Study, 
1992 and 1994, 00
Notes, 00
5Why Vote for Women Candidates? - The Role of 
The Role of Issues in Vote Choice, 00
Issues and Voting for Women, 00
Notes, 00
6The Role of the Electoral Environment00
Gendered Information in the Electoral Environment, 00
Demographics, Issues, and Context, 00
Notes, 00
7Conclusions: The Role of Candidate Sex in American 
Major Findings, 00
Caveats, 00
Conclusion, 00
Notes, 00
Appendix A00
Appendix B00

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