Table of contents for Gaia connections : an introduction to ecology, ecoethics, and economics / Alan S. Miller.

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List of Tables and Figures							vii	
Preface to theSecond Edition						viii
Acknowledgments								ix						
Introduction								  	1
 1 	Environmental Ethics					  		 10
A Context for Study and Action; The Global Background; International Efforts to Healo the Planet; Ecoethics; Case Studies in Ecoethics: Ozone Depletion, Greenhouse Gasses. Tropical Rainforest Destruction, The Nuclear Winter, Environmental Justice
 2	Ecophilosophy								34
Shallow, Deep and Deepest Ecology; Ecofeminism: Women, Men and Nature; Alternative Approaches to Environmental Ethics
3. Theories of Justice							46
General Principles in Ethics; Theories of Justice in the Past; Modern Theories of Justice; Actors in the Modern Ethical Debate
 4	World Order Imperatives						70
Global Poverty and Structural Adjustment; International Debt and Underdevelopment; The Poverty/Ecology Connection; Rights and Just Expectations; The Nature of Security in the Modern World; The Peace Equation
 5	The Moral Demand for the Biological Steady State			92
The Pros and Cons of the Sustainability Debate; The Two Faces of Scarcity; Biological ethics and thermodynamics.
 6	Economics as if Nature Matters					115
Overlapping Environmental Disruptions; Contending Economic Approaches; Dilemmas of Political Economy; New Economic Orders
7	Bioethical Limits to Scientific Inquiry				136
The Militarization of science; The Limits of science; Science, Systems, and Nature.
 8	Genetic Engineering							155
The History and the Science of Recombinant DNA; Controlling Recombinant Research in the Laboratory; From the Laboratory to the Fields;.Molecules and the Military; Patents Pending; Science for People or Science for Profit.; Policy and Regulation.
9.    Unnatural Connections: Dilemmas of Biotechnology		184
The Human Genome Project; Down on the Farm with Genetic Engineering; The Confusion Over Corn; Policy and Regulation; Two Centuries in Reproductive System Research
 10	Genetic Counseling							208
Genetic Screening: The identification of Genetic Disease; Molecular Genetics and Medicine;The Gene Hunt; Pre-natal Screening Programs; Abortion Dilemmas in Genetic Diagnosis; Fertilization In-vitro; The Nature of Abnormality
 11	Bioethics I: The Rights of People					234
Health Care and Medical Allocations; The U. S. Health-care System.; Distributive Justice; Who Gets What?
12	Bioethics II: Staying in Control      					253
Informed Consent Throughout History; The Rights of Patients; The Right to Live or Die 				     	
13	The Selfish Gene							275
Sociobiology; Alternative Evolutionary Theories; Evolution and Ethics; Towards an Evolutionary Ethic
14	The Social Sources of Environmental Values	                 	301	
	The Person/Society Influences; Student Reflections on Values
15	Ecoethics and Modern War						318
Just War Theory Revisited; Selective Opposition to War; The Dilemma of Nuclear War; Just War Options Today			
16	All God's Creatures							342
Moral Rights for Animals? Animal Experimentation; Animals for Food; All Flesh is Grass.
17	Perspectives on Environmental Change				364							
American Environmental History; The Environmental Movement; Reagan-Clinton/Bush Era Environmentalism; The Ideological Rifts; The Global Movement of the Greens; The Labor-Health-Environmental Connection; A Concluding Unscientific Postscript.
The Seven of Pentacles by Marge Piercy					394
Supplementary Reading Lists						395							
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