Table of contents for The American Bar Association guide to wills and estates : everything you need to know about wills, trusts, estates, and taxes.

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ONE: First Steps
1. Why You Should Plan Your Estate
How Your Can Save Money and Be Sure You've Done It Right
2. Getting Started
Don't Procrastinate (This Means You) 
TWO: Transferring Property Without a Will
You Have Many Ways of Getting Money to People Without Fuss or Delay
3. Lots of Little "Wills"
Your Guide to Will Substitutes
4. Life Insurance
An Old Standby Has Lots of Uses
5. Joint Tenancy
They're Easy and Cheap-But Watch Out for Pitfalls
THREE: Wills
What Should Be in Yours?
6. Wills 101
The Basics
7. What Goes in the Will
Your Guide to What to Put in-and Leave Out
8. After the Will Is Written
Follow These Steps to Be Sure Your Will Does the Job
FOUR: Trusts and Living Trusts
They Can Do a Lot-But They're Not for Everyone
9. How Trusts Work
A Quick Look at a Misunderstood Tool
10. Do You Need a Trust?
As Usual in the Law, It Depends
11. Living Trusts 101
The Basics
12. Setting Up a Living Trust
Your Guide to Doing It Right
FIVE: Putting the Tools to Work
Some Tips for People with Particular Needs 
13. Estate Planning: Providing for the Children
Tips for Every Age of Offspring
14. Estate Planning for Married Couples
Most of Us Want to See Than Our Spouse Is Taken Care of, but How?
15. Estate Planning in Divorce and Remarriage
Tips for Blended Families
16. Estate Planning for Nontraditional Families
A Rapidly Growing Category Needs to Plan Especially Carefully
17. Estate Planning for Business Owners
The Law Gives You Lots of Options-But You Have to Use Them Well
18. Tying Estate Planning to Planning for Retirement Income and Housing
Looking Ahead Can Make Retirement What You'd Hoped
19. Tying Estate Planning to Planning for Medical and Care Expenses
Planning Can Help Alleviate a Big Set of Worries
SIX: Death and Taxes
Strategies for Holding on to as Much as You Can
20. Death Tax Basics 
Trying to Make Sense Out of Rules That Keep Changing
21. Tax Planning 101: Trusts 
Some Tips on the Taxpayer's Best Friend
22. Tax Planning 102: Giving It Away 
Insurance and a Gifting Program Can Save Tens of Thousands
SEVEN: Changing  Lives, Changing Plans
Life Does Not Stand Still-and Neither Should Your Plan
23. Changing Your Mind 
A Little Chapter with a Big Message
EIGHT: When You Can't Make the Decision
Confronting Your Biggest Fear Now Can Make a Big Difference Later
24. Delegating Decision Making
The Law Gives You Lots of Options
25. Living Wills
An Old Planning Tool Still Has Its Uses
NINE: After Your Death: Putting the Plan into Action
Steps You Can Take Now to Help Your Survivors
26. Easing the Burden on Your Family
There's a Lot You Can Do to Help-Now 
27. Executors
Some Tips on Getting the Right Person 
28. Trustees
You Can Choose a Person or a Company to Get the Job Done
29. Probate and Estate Administration
A Quick Primer on How It's Done
TEN: Where Do You Go from Here?
30. Where to Get More Information
The Best Places to Turn
APPENDIX A: Estate-Planning Checklist
APPENDIX B: Sample Will, Annotated
APPENDIX C: Health-Care Advance Directive

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