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SECTION I:	"Researching Your Topic"
Chapter 1:	"Developing Your Subject"
	Choosing Your Topic
	Searching Your Topic
		Effectively Searching Your Topic
		Options for Searching
		Methods of Searching
			Phrase Searching
			Boolean Searching
			Nested Searches
			Truncated Searches
			Subject Heading or Descriptor Searches
	Defining and Narrowing Your Topic
	Doing Preliminary Research 
Chapter 2:	"Gathering Your Information"
	Planning Your Research
	Finding Your Sources
	Other Resources
	Knowing When to Stop
Chapter 3:	"Evaluating Your Sources"
	Understanding Your Source
	Considering the Source
	Considering Who Said It
	Considering the Facts
SECTION II:	"Finding Resources of Information"
Chapter 4:	"Finding Archives and Archival Collections"
	Researching Archives and Archival Collections
Types of Archives
	Locating Archival Collections
	Local Archives
	Internet Archives
	Special Collections
Chapter 5:	"Finding Associations, Societies, and Organizations"
	Researching Associations
		Print and CD-ROM
		On the Web
	Associations on the Net
Chapter 6:	"Finding Biographical Information"
	Researching Biographical Information
Biographical Indexes
	Popular Biographical References
	Volumes on Regional Figures
	References for International Figures
	References by Subject
	Biographical Information in Electronic Form
	Biographical Information Online
	Locating Additional Biographical Resources
Chapter 7:	"Finding CD-ROM Collections"
	Researching CD-ROM Collections
	Locating CD-ROM Collections
	Popular Titles by Subject
Chapter 8:	"Finding Electronic Databases"
	Researching Electronic Databases
General Databases
	Databases By Subject
	Home Video and DVD Collections
Chapter 9:	"Finding Electronic Journals, Zines and Newsletters"
	Researching Electronic Journals
Subscription Based Journal Article Index Databases
	Free Journal Article Index Databases
	Multiple Subject Directories of E-Journals
	Single Subject Directories of Journal Collections
	Free Journals on the Web 
Chapter 10:	"Finding Email Discussion Groups and Newsgroups"
	Researching Discussion Groups
Understanding Discussion Groups
	Deciding to Join a Discussion Group
	Joining a Discussion Group
	Finding Discussion Groups
	Using Discussion Groups for Research
	Finding Further Information on Discussion Groups
	Researching Newsgroups
	Understanding Newsgroups
	Deciding to Join a Newsgroup
	Joining a Newsgroup
	Finding Newsgroups
	Using Newsgroups for Research
	Finding Further Information on Newsgroups
Chapter 11:	"Finding General References"
	Researching General References
	Chronicles: By Eras and Decades
	Chronologies and Daybooks
	Guides to Books and References
	Microform Collections
	Periodical and Newspaper Indexes
	Popular Quotations
	Public Opinion Polls
	Statistical Abstracts
	Additional References
	Web References
Chapter 12:	"Finding Government Publications and Agencies"
	Researching Government Publications and Agencies
Government Guides and Catalogs
	Federal Government Information
	State and Local Government Information
	Foreign Government Information
	Government Sources Online
	Other Government Documents
Chapter 13:	"Finding Libraries: Academic, Government, Research, Public, School, State, and Special Libraries"
	Researching Libraries
Academic Libraries
	Government Libraries
	Independent Research Libraries
	Public Libraries
	School Libraries
	Special Libraries
	State Libraries
	Library Directories
	Library Online Public Access Catalogs
	Virtual Libraries
Chapter 14:	"Finding Newspapers, Magazines, and Radio and Television News"
	Researching Newspapers, Magazines, and Journals
Current Periodicals
	Microfilm and Microfiche Materials
	News Digests
	Newspaper and Magazine Indexes, Databases and Directories
	Publication Web Sites
	Researching Radio and Television News
Chapter 15:	"Finding Research on the Web"
	Researching the Web
Research Sites by Category
	Best References on the Web
	Finding Other Web Databases
Chapter 16:	"Finding Search Engines"
	Researching Search Engines
	Using Search Engines
	Categories of Search Engines
		Web Search Engines
		Web Meta Search Engines
		Web Directories
		Topical Search Engines
	Web Search Engine Tutorials
SECTION III:	 "Finding Sources by Subject"
Chapter 17:	"Aging"
Chapter 18:	"Business and Economics"
Chapter 19:	"Criminal Justice"
Chapter 20:	"Ecology and Environment"
Chapter 21:	"Film and Television"
Chapter 22:	"Health and Medicine"
Chapter 23:	"History"
Chapter 24:	"Law"
Chapter 25:	"Literature and Literary Criticism"
Chapter 26:	"Music"
Chapter 27:	"Nursing"
Chapter 28:	"Politics and Government"
Chapter 29:	"Psychology"
Chapter 30:	"Religion and Theology"
Chapter 31:	"Science and Technology"
Chapter 32:	"Sports"
Chapter 33:	"Theater and Dance"
Chapter 34:	"Women's Studies"
SECTION IV:	 "Using Your Sources"
Chapter 35:	"Citing Your Sources"
	Avoiding Plagiarism
	Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing
	Creating In-Text Citations
	Finding Online Guides and Tutorials
Chapter 36:	"Creating Your Bibliography, Works Cited or References"
	APA Style
	MLA Style
	The Chicago Manual of Style
	Online Bibliography Creators
Appendix One:	"APA Style"
Appendix Two:	"MLA Style"
Appendix Three:	"The Chicago Manual of Style"
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