Table of contents for Conservative Christians and political participation : a reference handbook / Glenn H. Utter and James L. True.

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Series Foreword, Raymond A. Smith, vii
1 Overview
Who Are the Christian Conservatives?
Religion and Politics in the Colonial and Revolutionary Periods
Christians and Politics in the Nineteenth Century
The Rise of a "Two-Party System" in American Protestantism
The Twentieth-Century Rise of Christian Political Activism
Describing Christian Conservative Denominations Today
Trends in Denominational Size and Political Preferences
Conservative Christians and Political Issues
Conservative Christians and the Liberal Dilemma
2 Protest Politics
Political Protest
Antiabortion Protest
Antiabortion Protest in Atlanta: A Case Study
The Aftermath of Operation Rescue
School Prayer
Santa Fe, Texas, and School Prayer: A Case Study
The Aftermath of Santa Fe
3 Participation in Social Movements and Interest Groups
Interest Group Participation
The Moral Majority
The Christian Coalition
Interest Group Involvement: Case Studies
The Right to Die and the Sanctity of Life: The Case of Terri Schiavo
Displaying the Ten Commandments
Opposition to Homosexual Rights and Gay Marriage
Controversy over Homosexuality in Mainline Christian Churches
Obscenity and Pornography
The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban
Pledge of Allegiance
Faith-Based Funding
Creationism, Evolution, and Education Policy
American Foreign Policy
4 Participation in Electoral Politics
Obstacles to Analyzing the Religious Right
A Method for Overcoming the Obstacles to Understanding
A Look at Christian Conservatism
U.S. Voter Turnout: Dwindling and Changing
Voting and Religion
Understanding Partisanship and Religion in the United States
Presidential Support from the Religious Right
Shifting Support for the Political Parties
Understanding the Politics of the Religious Right
5 Participation in Political Office Holding
Reasons for Expansion
From Otherworldliness to Political Activism
Starting at the Grassroots
Expanding to National Politics
The Religious Right and the Iowa Caucuses
Constraints against National Expansion
Refocusing on States and Localities
Supporting the Republican Contract with America
Presidential Disappointments
Joining the War against Public Immorality
Religion and Politics in South Carolina
Religion and Politics in Texas
George W. Bush and the Religious Right
6 Conclusion
A History of Involvement
New Reasons for Conservative Christian Activism
Obstacles to Political Success
A Strong Faction in the Republican Party
Another Crossroads for the Religious Right
Excerpts from Primary Documents
Defense of Marriage Act of 1996
Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003
Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004
John Geddes Lawrence and Tyron Garner, Petitioners v. Texas (2003)
Santa Fe Independent School District v. Doe (2000)
Prepared Remarks of Attorney General John Ashcroft
Southern Baptist Convention Resolution, on Thirty Years of Roe v. Wade (June 2003)
Excerpts from the Scholarly Literature
Key People,
Jim Bakker (1939-)
Gary L. Bauer (1946-)
Robert J. Billings (1926-1995)
William G. Boykin (1948-)
James C. Dobson (1936-)
Colonel V. Doner (1949-)
Jerry Falwell (1932-)
William ("Billy") Franklin Graham (1918-)
John Hagee (1940-)
Hank Hanegraaff (1950-)
Billy James Hargis (1925-)
Gary Jarmin (1949-)
Bob Jones, Sr. (1883-1968)
D. James Kennedy (1938-)
Tim and Beverly LaHaye (1926-) (1930-)
Hal Lindsey (1930-)
Edward A. McAteer (1927-)
Carl McIntire(1906-2002)
Roy S. Moore (1947-)
Marvin Olasky (1950-)
Ralph Reed (1961-) 
Pat Robertson (1930-)
Jay Alan Sekulow (1956-)
Cal Thomas (1940-)
Paul Weyrich (1942-)
Conservative Christian Organizations
Groups Opposed to the Conservative Christian Movement
Annotated Bibliography, 

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