Table of contents for The new acrylics : complete guide to the new generation of acrylic paints / by Rheni Tauchid.

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Table of Contents
Introduction - 
CT-1: the language of acrylics
A: what are artist acrylics?
	Acrylic flow chart
	B: Artist- versus student-grade acrylics
	Q&A section
	A: the acrylic format
		B: high viscosity 
		B: liquid acrylics
		B: acrylic inks
			Q&A acrylic inks
	A: Innovations
		B: glitter paints INNOVATION??
		B: resoluble acrylics
			Tip box: shelf life of acrylic paints
			Tip box: mixing large quantities 
CT-2: materials
	A: preparing to paint
	A: picking your support
			C: porous and semi-absorbent
			C: non-porous
			C: flexible and semi-flexible
				Aluminum foil 6685
			C: rigid
			C: bad surfaces
				box: testing the support
	A: priming
			C: paper
			C: canvas
			C: paperboards
			C: wood 
	A: tools	Hand 5459, 5456
		B: brushes
				fan brush 0001
				interlon brushes 5466
				Airbrush, 8124, 8129
				Foam daubers 9409
				Stencil brush 9412
		B: palette knives 5518
			Box: cleaning brushes and other tools
			C or box?: graining tools 9416
				Shapers 5464???
		B: palettes
				Tip box: keep paint fresh on palette
		B: improvisational
				Fork A1363, 5530, 5628
				Skewer 3108, 5560, 3108
				Icing applicator A1362, tips 5574 extruding tool A1381
				Brayer 0003
				Droppers 0004
				Spatulas 1164, 3129
				Squeegee 1184
				Foil and cheesecloth 1189
				Mesh bags 1201, 1205 
				Steel wool 5566
CT-3: about color
	A: color in modern acrylics
		B: the primary colors
		B: choosing palette
			Q&A: The Question of Color
		BOX: inorganic and synthetic pigments
	A: the fresh palette (?)
	A: metallics
		B: interference
		B: iridescent
			Q& A section metallics
	A: unique and unusual 
		B: graphite
		B: phosphorescent
CT-4: acrylic mediums
 COP: Note: italic opening paragraph regarding content
	A: basic mediums
	A: wet states
	A: application
			C: test your materials
			C: follow package instructions
			C: allow adequate drying time between layers 
	A: water
			C: deionized
			C: distilled
			C: tap
	A: gel
		B: self-leveling gels
	A: liquid mediums
		B: polymer glaze
	A: specialty mediums
		B: texture gels
		B: retarders and flow release additives
	A: grounds
			C: a note on MDF
			C: mixed media
		B: modeling paste
		B: gesso
	A: finishing mediums
CT-5: basic applications
 (COP: opening paragraph regarding content)
	A: acrylic painting techniques
	A: a la prima
			Splatter, drip, pull, 
	A: hard edge
	A: extrusion
	A: REMOVE OR STAIN? 5436, 5441, 5451
	A: blending 
			A la prima, dry, broken, liquid, sponge
	A: feathering
		BOX: plein air
	A: sgraffito 5549, 4296
	A: underpainting
		B: reflective underpainting
	Demonstration 1 - metallic surface
	A: glazing
		B: color choices
			C: transparent 
				BOX: undertones
			C: semi-opaque
				Step by step four photos
			C: opaque
				Sidebar: warming up and cooling down
			C: interference
			C: iridescent
				Sidebar: reflective grounds
		B: glazing mediums
			C: texture
			Box: 	impasto
CT-6: alternative approaches
	A: Breaking barriers
	A: the mimic
		B: watercolor
		B: oil
		B: encaustic
	A: improvising
		B: painting with light
			C: stained glass
			C: drip light
		B: acrylic transfers
		Demonstration 2 transfer
		B: printing
		Demonstration 3 monoprint
		Demonstration 4 screen print
		Demonstration 5 glass print
		B: soft sculpture
		Demonstration 6 florist wire
		Demonstration 7 wire mesh
	A: accidents and oddities
		B: Bubbles
		B: crackling
			Box: fixing the problem
		B: warping
		B: surprises
	A: mixed media
		B: collage\
CT-7: objects
	A: making things
	A: floorcloth
			C: support
			C: primer
				Sidebar: polymer medium
			C: design
		Demonstration 8 floorcloth
	A: Mosaic lampshade
		Demonstration 9 mosaic lampshade
	A: transfer lamp
		Demonstration 10 lamp
	A: Keepsake box
		Demonstration 11 box
CT-10: artist gallery - 16 artists??? 6 pages
A: Allan Bender
A: Suzanne Charo
A: Joanne Handley
A: Drew Harris
A: Heather Haynes
A: Lori Richards
A: Monique Robert
A: Alice Teichert
A: new new painters
A: closing thoughts

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