Table of contents for Contemporary debates in applied ethics / edited by Andrew I. Cohen and Christopher Heath Wellman.

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Notes on Contributors
Part I: Abortion
1. The Wrong of Abortion, Patrick Lee (Franciscan University of Steubenville) and Robert P. George 
(Princeton University)			
2. The Moral Permissibility of Abortion, Margaret Olivia Little (Georgetown University)			
Part II: Affirmative Action
3. A Defense of Affirmative Action, Albert Mosley (Smith College)		
4. Preferential Policies Have Become Toxic, Celia Wolf-Devine (Stonehill College)	
Part III: Animals
5. Empty Cages: Animals Rights and Vivisection, Tom Regan (North Carolina State University)		
6. Animals and Their Medical Use, R. G. Frey (Bowling Green State University)
Part IV: Capital Punishment
7. "A Defense of the Death Penalty," Louis P. Pojman (U.S. Military Academy)
8. "Why We Should Put the Death Penalty to Rest," Stephen Nathanson (Northeastern University)		
Part V: Cloning
9. "Why I Oppose Human Cloning," Jeremy Rifkin (author of The Biotech Century)
10. "The Poverty of Objections to Human Reproductive Cloning," John Harris (University of Manchester)
Part VI: Euthanasia
11. "In Defense of Voluntary Active Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide," Michael Tooley	(University of 
12. "A Case Against Euthanasia," Daniel Callahan (Harvard Medical School)			
Part VII: Immigration
13. "Immigration: The Case for Limits,"	David Miller (University of Oxford)		
14. "The Case for Open Immigration," Chandran Kukathas (University of Utah)	
Part VIII: Pornography
15. "The Right to Get Turned On:Pornography, Autonomy, Equality," Andrew Altman (Georgia State 
16. "'The Price We Pay'?: Pornography and Harm," Susan J. Brison (Dartmouth College)			
Part IX: Privacy and Civil Society
17. "The Limits of Privacy," Amitai Etzioni (George Washington University)		
18. "The Case for Privacy," David D. Friedman (Santa Clara University)		
Part X: Values in Nature
19. "The Intrinsic Value of Nature in Public Policy: The Case of the Endangered Species Act," J. Baird 
Callicott (University of North Texas)	
20. "Values in Nature: A Pluralistic Approach,"	Bryan G. Norton (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Part XI: World Hunger
21. "Famine Relief: The Duties We Have to Others," Christopher Heath Wellman (Washington University 
in St. Louis)				
22. "Famine Relief and Human Virtue," Andrew I. Cohen (Georgia State University)	

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