Table of contents for Positive options for colorectal cancer : self-help and treatment / by Carol Ann Larson.

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Important Note	6
Contents	7
Foreword	10
Acknowledgements	11
Introduction	12
Chapter 1: Facing the Unknown	15
What Is Colorectal Cancer?	15
Warning Signs	15
Facing Up to the Symptoms	16
Basic Screening Tests for Colorectal Cancer	18
Missed Signals	21
Risk Factors for Colorectal Cancer	22
The Role of Stress	22
The Role of Genetics	23
Positive Options for Facing the Unknown	26
Chapter 2: Gathering Information	27
Additional Tests for Colorectal Cancer	28
Stages of Colorectal Cancer	28
Adjusting to New Test Results	29
Questions from Colorectal Cancer Patients	30
Myths and Misinformation	32
Positive Options when Gathering Information	34
Chapter 3: Working with Medical Professionals to Develop a Health Plan	35
Legal and Financial Concerns	35
Managing Medical Records	37
Finding a Good Doctor	37
How to Get the Best Results when Working with Doctors and Nurses	39
Learning the Language of Medicine Land	41
What We Would Like to Say to Doctors	41
Positive Options for Working with Medical Professionals to Develop a Health Plan	42
Chapter 4: Dealing with Your Feelings	43
Coping with a Diagnosis of Cancer	43
Anger as a Catalyst	43
Denial as a Form of Protection	44
Bargaining for Time	46
Sorrow vs. Depression	47
Finding the Right Support Group	48
Ways You Can Get What You Need from Others	50
Positive Options for Dealing with Your Feelings	51
Chapter 5: Making Decisions about Treatment	53
Some Basic Information about Chemotherapy	53
Adjuvant Chemotherapy	54
Adjuvant Radiation Therapy	56
Myths about Radiation	59
Preparing for the Side Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation	60
Questionable Treatments	61
Positive Options for Making Decisions about Treatments	62
Chapter 6: Coping with Surgery: Plain Talk about a Complicated Subject	64
When Is Surgery Necessary?	64
Bypass-Temporary Ostomies	65
First Aid: The Enterostomal Nurses	66
Suggestions for Your Hospital Stay	67
What Should You Take to the Hospital?	68
The Operating Room	70
The Recovery Room	70
Positive Options for Coping with Surgery	71
Chapter 7: The First Six Weeks after Surgery	72
What to Expect Once You're Home	72
Special Problems	74
Steps to Healing: Being Helped by Complementary Therapies	75
Follow-Up to Surgery	77
Positive Options after Surgery:	78
Chapter 8: The Challenges of Chemotherapy	79
Returning to Chemotherapy	79
Traveling the Chemotherapy Canal	79
Things That Helped	81
Dan's Story	83
Positive Options for Going Through Chemotherapy	85
Chapter 9: Complications of Cancer after Treatments	87
When a Temporary Ostomy Becomes Permanent	87
Ileostomies and Colostomies	90
Blockages	91
The Be-Attitudes of Having an Ostomy	92
Recurrences	93
Positive Options for Complications after Treatments	94
Chapter 10: Lessons Learned from Surviving Cancer	95
Begin with Realistic Expectations	95
Enlist Your Resources	95
Reduce Unnecessary Stress	96
Make a Comeback with Good Nutrition and Exercise	97
Expect to Encounter Some Potholes of Depression	98
Remember to Laugh	99
Explore the Private Roads of Sexuality	99
Finding Meaning after Cancer	100
Positive Options after Surviving Cancer	101
References	102
Citations from Books	102
Excerpts from Articles	102
Resources	103
Online Resources	103
Books	103
Magazine and Journal Articles	104
Useful Organizations	104
Index	107

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