Table of contents for A different image : the legacy of Broadside Press : an anthology / [edited by] Gloria House, Rosemary Weatherston, and Albert M. Ward.

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introduction. gloria house 11
gwendolyn brooks 
Introduction. Gloria House 20
kitchenette building 25
when you have forgotten Sunday: the love story 26
love note I: surely 27
the progress 28
The Bean Eaters 29 
We Real Cool 30
The Lovers of the Poor 30
The Ballad of Rudolph Reed 35
Malcolm X 38
Fire, from The Third Sermon on the Warpland 39
An Aspect of Love, Alive in the Ice and Fire 40
The Life of Lincoln West 41
To Don at Salaam 47
Paul Robeson 48
The Boy Died in My Alley 49
Elegy In a Rainbow 51
A Black Wedding Song 52
Horses Graze 53
"When Handed a Lemon, Make Lemonade" 55
Friend 56
etheridge knight 
Introduction. Albert M. Ward 60
Hard Rock Returns to Prison from the Hospital for the Criminal Insane 65
He Sees through Stone 66
The Idea of Ancestry 68
Haiku 70
To Make a Poem in Prison 72
As You Leave Me 73
Portrait of Malcolm X 74
To Dinah Washington 75
For Langston Hughes 76
To Gwendolyn Brooks 76
Apology for Apostasy? 77
Genesis 77
Another Poem for Me 78
Relaxing in the Charity Ward at Mercy Hospital 80
A Poem to be Recited 81
No Moon Floods The Memory of That Night 82
Belly Song 83
This Poem 87
For Black Poets Who Think of Suicide 89
Jazz Drummer 89
A Poem for Myself 90
The Bones of My Father 91
Cop-out Session 93
audre lorde 
Introduction. Willie Williams 96
For Each of You 105
Equinox 107 
Black Mother Woman 110
The Seventh Sense 111 
Teacher 112
Moving Out or The End of Cooperative Living 115
Generation II 118
Conclusion 119
The Winds of Orisha 120
Who Said It Was Simple 123 
To My Daughter The Junkie On A Train 124
Now 126 
Love Poem 127
Separation 128
Even 128 
Revolution Is One Form Of Social Change 129
All Hallows Eve 130
Viet-Nam Addenda 131
Sacrifice 132
Blackstudies 134
haki madhubuti 
Introduction. Sondai K. Lester 144 
The New Integrationist 149
"Stereo" 150
Re-Act for Action 151
First Impressions on a Poet's Death 152
Gwendolyn Brooks 154
But He Was Cool or: he even stopped for green lights 156
Malcolm Spoke/ who listened? 164
a poem to complement other poems 165 
blackmusic/a beginning 168
A Message All Blackpeople Can Dig 170
We Walk the Way of the New World 172
Move Un-noticed to be Noticed: A Nationhood Poem 176
Re-taking the Takeable 180
dudley randall 
Introduction. Hilda Vest 186
Ballad of Birmingham 191
Memorial Wreath 193
Old Witherington 194
George 195
A Different Image 196
Dressed All In Pink 197
Roses and Revolutions 198
The Brightness Moved Us Softly 199
My Second Birth 200
The Profile on the Pillow 200
Anniversary Words 201
On Getting a Natural 202
Pacific Epitaphs 203
Poet 208
African Suite 209
To the Mercy Killers 212
Frederick Douglass and the Slave Breaker 212
Courage: A Revolutionary Poem 213
For Gwendolyn Brooks, Teacher 214
Green Apples 214
I Loved You Once 215 
Tell It Like It Is 216
Blood Precious Blood 216
A Litany of Friends 217
Poor Dumb Butch 221
The Ones I Love 222
Loss 222
To Be in Love 223
Women 224
The New Woman 224
In Africa 226
Bag Woman 226
A Poet Is Not a Jukebox 228
When I Think of Russia 231
sonia sanchez 
Introduction. Jessica Care Moore 236
malcolm 242
to all sisters 244
personal letter no.2 245
liberation/poem 246
Blk/Rhetoric 247
Indianapolis/Summer/1969/Poem 249
It's a New Day 251
To P. J. (2 yrs old who sed write a poem for me in Portland, Oregon) 252
we can BE 253
and it will be ours 254
woman 255
earth mother 257
young/black/girl 258
young womanhood 262
womanhood 271
We are Muslim Women 273
epilogue. rosemary Weatherston 278

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American poetry -- African American authors.
American poetry -- 20th century.
African Americans -- Poetry.
Broadside Press.