Table of contents for Challenging and supporting the first-year student : a handbook for improving the first year of college / M. Lee Upcraft, John N. Gardner, Betsy O. Barefoot.

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Authors and Contributors
Introduction: The First Year of College Revisited
@FCTX3:	M. Lee Upcraft, John N. Gardner, Betsy O. Barefoot
@FCTX:Section I:	What We Know About Today's First-Year Students and Institutional Efforts to Help Them Succeed.
@FCTX2:	1	Today's First-Year Students
	Jennifer L. Crissman Ishler
@FCTX2:	2	The Keys to First-Year Student Persistence
	Jennifer L. Crissman Ishler and M. Lee Upcraft
@FCTX2:	3	Current Institutional Practice in the First College Year
	Betsy O. Barefoot
@FCTX:Section II: Recruiting and Challenging First-Year Students
@FCTX2:	4	The Enrollment Management Process
	Donald Hossler and Douglas Anderson
@FCTX2:	5	Student Engagement in the First Year of College
		George D. Kuh
@FCTX2:	6	Expectations and Performance
		Karen Maitland Schilling and Karl L. Schilling
@FCTX:Section III: Creating Campus Cultures For First-Year Student Success
@FCTX2:	7	Fostering First-Year Success of Underrepresented Minorities
	Freeman A. Hrabowski, III
@FCTX2:	8	The Realities of Diversity and the Campus Climate for First-Year Students
	W. Terrell Jones
@FCTX2:	9	Building the Foundation for First-Year Student Success in Public, Urban Universities: A Case Study
	Diana S. Natalicio and Maggy Smith
@FCTX2:	10	Inviting First-Year Student Success: A President's Perspective
	Betty L. Siegel
@FCTX2:	11	Advocating for First-Year Students
	Jay Chaskes and Ralph Anttonen
@FCTX2:	12	Collaborative Partnerships between Academic and Student Affairs
		Charles C. Schroeder
@FCTX2:	13.	Technology and the First Year of College
	Reynol Junco
@FCTX:Section IV: Challenging and Supporting First-Year Students In the Classroom
@FCTX2:	14	Inside the First Year Classroom: Challenges and Constraints
	Bette LaSere Erickson and Diane W. Strommer
@FCTX2:	15.	Faculty Development and the First Year of College
	Scott Evenbeck and Barbara Jackson
@FCTX2:	16	First-Year Seminars
	M. Stuart Hunter and Carrie W. Linder
@FCTX2:	17	Developmental Education
	Jeanne L. Higbee
@FCTX2:	18	Supplemental Instruction
	Deanna C. Martin and Maureen Hurley
@FCTX2:	19	Academic Advising
	Margaret C. King and Thomas Kerr
@FCTX2:	20	The Place of the Library vs. The Library as Place
Margit Misangyi Watts
@FCTX2:	21	Service-Learning and the First-Year Student
	Edward Zlotkowski
@FCTX2:	22	Learning Communities
	Jodi Levine Laufgraben
@FCTX:Section V: Challenging and Supporting Students Outside the Classroom
@FCTX2:	23	Orientation
	Richard Mullendore and Leslie Banahan
@FCTX2:	24	Learning Centered Residential Programs
	William J. Zeller
@FCTX2:	25	Student Support Services
	John H. Schuh
@FCTX2:	26	First-Year Student Alcohol and Other Drug Use and Abuse
	Philip Meilman and Cheryl Pressley
@FCTX:Section VI: Assessing First-Year Student Success
@FCTX2:	27.	Assessing the First College Year
	M. Lee Upcraft
@FCTX2:	28.	A Beginners Guide for Assessing the First College Year
	M. Lee Upcraft, Jennifer Crissman Ishler, and Randy L. Swing
@FCTX2:	29	Choosing and Using Assessment Instruments
	Randy L. Swing and M. Lee Upcraft
@FCTX2:Conclusion: Principles of Good Practice for the First College Year and Summary of Recommendations
	John N. Gardner, M. Lee Upcraft, and Betsy O. Barefoot

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