Table of contents for Women's health : a primary care clinical guide / [edited by] Ellis Quinn Youngkin, Marcia Szmania Davis.

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Contributors       00
Reviewers       00
Preface       00
Foreword       00
PART I  Women, Health, and the Health Care System       00
CHAPTER 1  Women and the Health Care System       00
Barbara Peterson Sinclair
CHAPTER 2  Health and Development Through the Life Cycle       00
Marcia Szmania Davis
Ellis Quinn Youngkin
CHAPTER 3  Assessing Adolescent Women's Health       00
Deborah A. Raines
CHAPTER 4  Assessing Women's Health       00
Ellis Quinn Youngkin
Marcia Szmania Davis
CHAPTER 5  Integrating Wellness, Complementary Therapies and Women's Health       00
Jo Lynne Robbins
Leslie Fehan
CHAPTER 6  Women and Sexuality       00
Catherine Ingram Fogel
CHAPTER 7  Health Needs of Lesbians       00
Debra Jane Thomas
PART II  Promotion of Gynecologic Health Care
CHAPTER 8  Menstruation and Related Problems and Concerns       00
Debran Griswold
CHAPTER 9  Controlling Fertility       00
Kathryn A. Caufield
CHAPTER 10  Infertility       00
Jennifer R. Gardella
CHAPTER 11  Vaginitis and Sexually Transmitted Diseases       00
Susan D. Schaffer
CHAPTER 12  Women and HIV       00
Rachel Effolia Smith
Susan D. Schaffer
CHAPTER 13  Common Gynecologic Pelvic Disorders       00
Donna E. Forrest
CHAPTER 14  Breast Health       00
Lynette Galloway Branch
CHAPTER 15  The Climacteric, Menopause, and the Process of Aging       00
Valerie T. Cotter
Ellis Quinn Youngkin
PART III  Promotion of Women's Health Care During Pregnancy       00
CHAPTER 16  Assessing Health During Pregnancy       00
Kelly Yeong
CHAPTER 17  Promoting a Healthy Pregnancy       00
Maryellen C. Remich
CHAPTER 18  Complications of Pregnancy       00
Joan Corder-Mabe
CHAPTER 19  Assessing Fetal Well-Being       00
Marion Herndon Fuqua
CHAPTER 20  Postpartum and Lactation       00
Kathleen M. Akridge
PART IV  Primary Care Conditions Affecting Women's Health       00
CHAPTER 21  Common Medical Problems: Cardiovascular through Hematological Disorders       00
Elaine Ferrary
Rita A. Jablonski
CHAPTER 22  Common Medical Problems: Musculoskeletal Injuries through Urinary Tract Disorders       00
Rita A. Jablonski
Elaine Ferrary
CHAPTER 23  Psychosocial Health Concerns       00
Angela Carter Martin
CHAPTER 24  Health Care Concerns for Women with Physical Disability and Chronic Illness       00
Kathleen J. Sawin
APPENDIX A  Emergency Childbirth       00
Brenda T. Brickhouse
Mary Beth Bryant McGurin
APPENDIX B  Immediate Assessment of the Newborn       00
Marcia Szmania Davis
APPENDIX C  Selected Laboratory Values       00
Ellis Quinn Youngkin
Index       00

Library of Congress Subject Headings for this publication: Women Health and hygiene Sociological aspects, Women Diseases, Women's health services, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Women's Health, Primary Health Care