Table of contents for Overcoming anger / Carol D. Jones.

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[CN]Chapter 1: Anger's Terrain
[UL]What is Anger and Why Do We Get Angry?
[UL]The History of Anger
[UL]The Present Day
[UL]Monkey See, Monkey Do
[UL]The Message is the Medium
[UL] Looking for Reality Checks
[UL]The Identity Crisis or Facing the Double Blind
[CN]Chapter 2: A Different Place or Time
[UL]Nature vs. Nurture
[UL]Exploring Your Anger Style 
[UL]Gender Differences
[UL]Cultural Factors
[UL]Threats to Body--Threats to Soul
[UL]Strategize for Survival
[CN]Chapter 3: Do I Feel?
[UL]Learning the ABCs--Only You Can Make You Angry
[UL]Personal Responsibility
[UL]Hot Thoughts
[UL]Distorted Thinking Patterns
[UL]Fight the Good Fight
[UL]Anger Management Tools for Dealing With Others
[CN]Chapter 4: Anger and Family Violence
[UL]Down Through the Ages--A Quick Trip Through Time
[UL]A Good Rule of Thumb and Other Big Ideas
[UL]The 21st Century Update
[UL]Problems Come and Go in a Cyclic Fashion
[UL]People May Wear a Few Different Hats
[UL]Take Me to Your Leader
[UL]The Five Power Trips
[CN]Chapter 5: Stress and Emotions
[UL]Positive and Negative Stress
[UL]Internal and External Stress
[UL]Anger Schmanger--Context is Key
[UL]Adaptation and Accommodation
[UL]Back to the Garden
[CN]Chapter 6: Burnout
[UL]Welcome to the New Millennium
[UL]Red Flags for Burnout
[UL]Smokey the Bear
[UL]Your own Worst Enemy
[CN]Chapter 7: Here's the Thing
[UL]The General Adaptation Syndrome
[UL]Right Brain/Left Brain--Its Not a Toss-Up
[UL]The Relation of Stress to Anger
[UL]Working the Bod Over
[UL]Time is of the Essence
[UL]The Management Model
[CN]Chapter 8: Communication and Anger
[UL]The Art of Listening
[UL]Garble, Garble
[UL]The Story of Bruce and Sally
[UL]Non Verbal Communication and Proxemics
[UL]Lend Me Your Ear
[UL]Three Blind men and the Elephant
[UL]Self Disclosure and Intimacy
[UL]Blocks That Don't Build
[CN]Chapter 9: It's Down to You: Assertiveness
[UL]The Early Years
[UL]Procrustes' Bed & Other Styles
[UL]Assertiveness Techniques
[CN]Chapter 10: Conflict, Confrontation and Those Nasty People
[UL]What is Conflict Anyway?
[UL]Tricks of the Trade
[UL]Putting it All Together

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