Table of contents for The silver king : the remarkable life of the Count of Regla in colonial Mexico / Edith Boorstein Couturier.

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Table of Contents
List of Illustrations	000
Acknowledgments	000
Prologue: Ceremonies and Celebrations	000
Introduction	000
Chapter 1. Spain in the Life of Pedro Terreros: 1710-1730	000
Chapter 2. Merchant in Querétaro: 1730-1750	000
Chapter 3. Silver Miner in Pachuca and Real del Monte: 1741-1766	000
Chapter 4. The "Honorable Men" who Worked the Mines	000
Chapter 5. Marriage and Family: 1756-1766	000
Chapter 6. A House for the Count of Regla: 1764-1781	000
Chapter 7. Charities: Spiritual Dimensions of Material Wealth	000
Chapter 8. The Final Years: 1766-1781	000
Chapter 9. Death and its Aftermath: 1781-1878	000
Conclusion: Ambiguous Legacy	000
Appendix	000
Abbreviations	000
Notes	000
Works Cited	000
Index	000
List of Illustrations
Map 1. Western Andalucía, Spain
Map 2.	Mexico in 1754
Map 3.	Pachuca, Real del Monte, and the Regla Region
Map 4.	The Veta Vizcaína
Map 5.	Central Mexico City
Map 6.	Plan of the House on San Felipe Neri Street, 1743
Map 7.	Region of San Sabá: Menard County, Texas
Table 1. Remissions to Mexico City from the Pachuca Treasury before Bustamante and Terreros, 1721-1739
Table 2. Silver Registered in the Pachuca Treasury between 1743-1767
Table 3. Silver Sent to Mexico City from the Pachuca Treasury, 1769-1775
Table 4. Amount of Silver Marcos Produced by Regla, 1768-1781
Table 5. Regla's Percentage of Silver from Pachuca Treasury Accounts, 1776-1781
Fig. 1. Pawn ticket from the Monte de Piedad with portrait of the count of Regla, 1998
Fig. 2. Shell design from an archway in San Miguel Regla
Fig. 3. Stone carving of Santiago trampling a Moor or Indian at the entrance of the church of San Francisco in Querétaro
Fig. 4. Real del Monte in 1840
Fig. 5. Kilns at San Miguel Regla
Fig. 6. Waterfall at Santa María Regla
Fig. 7. View of Santa María Regla
Fig. 8. View of Santa María Regla
Fig. 9. Regla's house in Pachuca
Fig. 10. Regla's house on San Felipe Neri Street, Mexico City
Fig. 11. History painting of the destruction of Mission San Sabá
Fig. 12. Portrait of Vicente Trebuestos, first director of the Monte de Piedad; brother-in-law of Regla
Fig. 13. Portrait of the count of Regla published in his funeral oration
Fig. 14. Pachuca treasury building, constructed c. 1776
Fig. 15. Regla's coat of arms
Fig. 16. Church of San Francisco in Pachuca, where Regla was buried
Fig. 17. Real del Monte in 1999

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