Table of contents for Development in theory and practice : Latin American perspectives / edited by Ronald H. Chilcote.

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Series Introduction										000
Introduction: Imperialism or Globalization							000
Ronald H. Chilcote
Part I: Imperialism: The Search for a Theory
Introduction											000
1.1 	Capitalism and Imperialism in Latin America: Historical Considerations		000
	Frederick Stirton Weaver
Part II: The Dependency Debates
Introduction											000
Debate One
Introduction											000
2.1	Dependency Theory: A reassessment							000
	Ronald H. Chilcote
2.2	Between Underdevelopment and Revolution						000
2.3	Dependence Is Dead, Long Live Dependence and the Class Struggle: A Reply to Critics	000
2.4	A Theory of Imperialism, Not Dependence						000
	Raúl Fernández and José Ocampo
Debate Two
Introduction											000
2.5	Dependency: Nationalism and the State in Latin America				000
2.6	Problems of Dependency Theory							000
	Agustín Cueva
Debate Three
Introduction											000
2.7	Issues of Theory in Dependency and Marxism					000
	Ronald H. Chilcote
2.8	Imperialism and Dependency: Recent Debates and Old-Dead Ends			000
	Ronaldo Munck
Debate Four
Introduction											000
2.9	Post-Marxism: The Retreat from Class in Latin America				000
	Ronald H. Chilcote
2.10 	Marx and the Concept of Dependency						000
	Enrique Dussell
Part III: Capitalist and Socialist Development: Mainstream and 
Alternative Theory and Practice 
Introduction											000
Neoliberalist Development
3.1	Neoliberalism										000
	Eduardo Rosenzvaig
Informal Sector Development
3.2	Theoretical Approaches to the Informal Sector					000
	Tamar Diana Wilson
Urban Planned Development
3.3	Urbanization and Planning: Inequality and Unsustainability				000
	Thomas Angotti
Democratic or Political Development
3.4	Democratization and Class Struggle							000
	Timothy Harding and James Petras
Internationalization of Capital
3.5	Internationalization of Capital							000
	David Barkin
Modes of Production
3.6	Dependency, Modes of Production, and the Class Analysis of Latin America	000
Combined and Uneven Development
3.7	Combined and Uneven Development in Latin America				000
	George Novack
Social Structures of Accumulation and the Marginal Mass Thesis
3.8	Capitalist Accumulation and the 'Marginal Mass Thesis'				000
	José Nun
3.9	Imperialism and Marginality in Latin America					000
	Aníbal Quijano
Late Capitalism
3.10	Late Capitalism and Cultural Production						000
	Tânia Pellegrini
World System
3.11	Dependency and World System Theory						000
	James Petras 
3.12	Globalization and Globalism in Latin America and the Carribean			000
	Richard L. Harris
3.13	A Theoretical Understanding of Globalization					000
Part IV: The Question of Transitions: Democratic Capitalist and Socialist
Introduction											000
4.1	The Transition to Socialism in Latin America					000
	Richard Harris
4.2	Authoritarianism and Democracy in the Transition to Socialism			000
	James Petras and Frank Fitzgerald
Part V: Case Studies in Capitalist Development and Its Impact
Introduction											000
General Latin America
5.1	Rural Responses to Global Neoliberal Strategy					000
	James Petras
5.2	Workers' Resistance to Structural Development and the Social Pact in Latin America	000
	Ronaldo Munck
5.3	Trade Unionism and Struggles							000
	Ricardo Antunes
Puerto Rico
5.4 	The Colonial and Imperialist Experience						000
	Michael González-Cruz
5.5	The Weakness of the Bourgeoisie in the National Revolution			000
5.6	The Barzón Debter's Movement							000
	Heather Williams
5.7	Planned Development and Women's Power						000
	Cathy Rakowski
Part VI: Case Studies in Socialist Development: Obstacles and Contradictions
Introduction											000
6.1	Between Utopia and World Market							000
	Haroldo Dilla Alfonso
6.2	The Future of Democracy: Debates							000
	Joel C. Edelstein and Others
6.3	Sandinismo and the Problem of Democratic Hegemony				000
	Doug Brown
6.4	State, Class, and Transition in Nicaragua						000
	David Ruccio
6.5	Revolution, Counterrevolution, and Imperialism					000
Conclusion											000
References 											000
Index												000
About the Contributors									000

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