Table of contents for The domestic sources of American foreign policy : insights and evidence / edited by Eugene R. Wittkopf and James M. McCormick.

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Introduction	000
Part I: The Societal Environment
1. 	Beyond September 11
	Joseph S. Nye, Jr.	000
2.	Why Don't They Like Us?
	Stanley Hoffmann	000
3.	That's Entertainment? Hollywood's Contribution to Anti-Americanism Abroad
	Michael Medved	000
4.	The Erosion of American National Interests
	Samuel P. Huntington	000
5.	Intermestic Interests and U.S. Foreign Policy toward Cuba
	Philip Brenner, Patrick J. Haney, and Walter Vanderbush	000
6.	The Gap: Soldiers, Civilians and Their Mutual Misunderstanding
	Peter D. Feaver and Richard H. Kohn	000
7.	The Post-9/11 Shift in Public Opinion: How Long Will It Last?
	Shoon Kathleen Murray and Chris Spinosa	000
8.	Elections and U.S. Foreign Policy
	Miroslav Nincic	000
Part II: The Institutional Setting
9.	Person and Office: Presidents, the Presidency, and Foreign Policy
	Michael Nelson	000
10.	Presidential Wars
	Louis Fisher	000
11.	How National Security Advisors See Their Role
	Ivo H. Daalder and I. M. Destler	000
12.	From Deference to Activism and Back Again: Congress and the Politics of American Foreign Policy
	James A. {AU: M., PER ARTICLE?} Lindsay	000
13.	Globalization and Diplomacy: The View from Foggy Bottom
	Strobe Talbott	000
14. A Tale of Two Secretaries
	Eliot Cohen	000
15.	Smarter Intelligence
	John Deutch and Jeffrey H. Smith	000
16.	Advisors, Czars and Councils
	Ivo H. Daalder and I. M. Destler	000
17.	Democratizing U.S. Trade Policy
	Bruce Stokes and Pat Choate	000
Part III: Decisionmakers and Their Policy-Making Positions
18.	How Could Vietnam Happen? An Autopsy
	James C. Thomson, Jr.	000
19.	Law in Order: Reconstructing U.S. National Security
	William Wechsler	000
20.	Poles, Politics, and the Survival of the V-22 Osprey
	Christopher M. Jones	000
21.	Policy Preferences and Bureaucratic Position: The Case of the American Hostage Rescue Mission
	Steve Smith	000
22.	NATO Expansion: The Anatomy of a Decision
	James Goldgeier	000
23.	Sources of Humanitarian Intervention: Beliefs, Information, and Advocacy in U.S. Decisions on Somalia and Bosnia
	Jon Western	000
24.	The Changing Leadership of George W. Bush: A Pre- and Post-9/11 Comparison
	Fred I. Greenstein	000
25.	Presidential Leadership Style and the Foreign Policy Advisory Process
	Thomas Preston and Margaret G. Hermann	000
Index	000
About the Contributors	000

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