Table of contents for Creole echoes : the francophone poetry of nineteenth-century Louisiana / translated by Norman R. Shapiro ; introduction and notes by M. Lynn Weiss ; foreword by Werner Sollors.

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               Werner Sollors
          Preface and Acknowledgments
               Norman R. Shapiro
               M. Lynn Weiss
          Louis Allard
               On the Portrait of ***
               To the Mockingbird
               For ***, on Seeing Her Portrait
               Child Cupid
               To a Beautiful and Misshapen Woman
               For Cinna
               For Emile
               On Paulla
               To Bithynicus
               The Perfect Couple
               On Chloe
               For Milo
               The Wrestler
               To Priscus
          Stephen Bernard
               The Two Rabbits
          Louis Boise
               To Spring
          Jules Choppin
               The Oak and the Reed
               The Oyster and the Adversaries
               The Hare and the Tortoise
          Pierre Dalcour
               Lines Written in the Album of Mademoiselle ***
          Joseph Déjacque
               Lazarus is the nameless, sickly pauper
               The Orphan Girl
               The Drop of Water
               The Lion
               The Tapeworm
               The Log and the Saw
               For Madame F.B.
               Brunette or Blonde
               The Troubadour to His Queen
               The Oyster and the Pearl
          Charles Chauvin Boisclair Deléry
               The Wasp and the Bee
               The Tree and the Mast
          Georges Dessommes
               An Evening in Jackson Square
          Charles Oscar Dugué
               Memories of the Wilderness
               What Makes Me Dream
<br>                                          5
<br>               Memory of the Ball
               The Firefly and the Violet
          Pierre Adolphe Duhart
               Stella Maris 
               Heavenly Angel
          Emilie Poullant de Gelbois Evershed
               "Yes" and "No"
          Louis Armand Garreaux
               For Nina
          Edgar Grima
               The Cricket and the Ant
               The Wolf and the Stork
               The South's Constant Revolt
          Armand Lanusse
               Mardi Gras
          Alexander Latil
               For Mademoiselle Adèle ***
               On the Death of H. Boussuge
               For Corinne ***
               For Madame C ***
          Eugène Le Blanc
               Lines in the Album of Monsieur ***
          "Pierre l'Hermite"
               To Père Chocarne
          Mirtil-Ferdinand Liotau
               For a Friend (who accused me of plagiarism)
               An Impression
               My Old Hat
               For Ida
          Joseph-August-André Maltrait
               The Melon
               The Preacher's Hat
          Alfred Mercier
               The Flower Moon Over Louisiana
          Paul Palvadeau
               The Oak and Its Moss
          Auguste Populus
               Reply to My Friend Monsieur St. Pierre
               To My Friend P. Who Asked Me for My Opinion on Marriage
          Leona Queyrouze
               To Magda
          Victor Ernest Rillieux
               Love and Devotion 
               The Coward
          Nicol Riquet
               Double Rondeau
<br>                                          6
<br>          Adrien Rouquette
               Evening Stroll on the Levee
               Man, Bird of Passage on This Earth
               Recollection of Kentucky
               To the Ladies of New Orleans
          Dominique Rouquette
               Imitation from the German
               The Whippoorwill
               For a Child
               For Monsieur Hilarion Huc
               The Bachelor
               For a Dissolute Old Man
               For Monsieur *** 
               For M ***
          Tullius Saint-Céran
               The Louisianan
               On the Death of a Friend
               On a Little Child
               Woe unto Him Who Wrongs Me
          Michel St. Pierre
               Lines (concerning a young lady who had been shot at)
               For a Young Lady
               Two Years Later
          Charles Testut
               For Monsieur Alex. Latil
               The Return
               On the Death of the Author of Les Éphémères
               The Poor Man's Funeral Procession
          Camille Thierry
               Fallen Woman
               To My American Miss
               The Incubus
               To My Muse
               An Old Mulatress's Lament; or, Sanité Fouéron's Despair
               For Hermina
          Suggestions for Further Reading

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