Table of contents for IR : the new world of international relations / Michael G. Roskin, Nicholas O. Berry.

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Feature Boxes 	 xxx
Preface 	 xxx
Supplements 	 xxx
Instructor's Manual and Test Item Files 	 xxx
Acknowledgments 	 xxx 
Part I The Cold War Come and Gone 	 xxx 
Chapter 1 
Strange New World: Power and Systems in Transformation 	 xxx
The European Balance-of-Power System 	 xxx
The Unstable Interwar System 	 xxx
The Bipolar Cold War System 	 xxx
What Kind of New System? 	 xxx
Are States Here to Stay? 	 xxx
Is Sovereignty Slipping? 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 2 
America's Changing National Interests 	 xxx
Independence 	 xxx
Manifest Destiny 	 xxx
Imperialism 	 xxx
World War I 	 xxx
Isolationism 	 xxx
World War II 	 xxx
The Cold War 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 3 
"Wrong, Terribly Wrong": The United States and Vietnam 	 xxx
The Colonized Colonialists 	 xxx
The First Indochina War 	 xxx
The United States and the Geneva Accords 	 xxx
Kennedy's Commitment 	 xxx
LBJ: Victim or Villain? 	 xxx
Extrication without Humiliation 	 xxx
Morality and Feasibility 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 4 
Can the United States Lead the World? 	 xxx
From Interventionism to Caution 	 xxx
Are Americans Basically Isolationists? 	 xxx
The Continuity Principle 	 xxx
A Contrary Congress 	 xxx
Is the Structure Defective? 	 xxx
Do Bureaucracies Make Foreign Policy? 	 xxx
The Unilateralist Temptation 	 xxx
To Lead or Not to Lead? 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 5 
From Russia to the Soviet Union 	 xxx
Invasion from the West 	 xxx
War and Bolshevism 	 xxx
Spreading the Revolution 	 xxx
Stalin's Policy Mistakes 	 xxx
The Great Patriotic War 	 xxx
Yalta 	 xxx
The Cold War 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 6 
From the Soviet Union Back to Russia 	 xxx
Khrushchev and the Loss of China 	 xxx
Restive East Europe 	 xxx
Khrushchev and the Cuban Missiles 	 xxx
Brezhnev and DÄtente 	 xxx
Afghanistan: A Soviet Vietnam 	 xxx
Why the Soviet Collapse? 	 xxx
Gorbachev and Collapse 	 xxx
Is Foreign Policy Generated Internally or Externally? 	 xxx
Restoring Russian Power 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Part II The Global South 	 xxx 
Chapter 7 
South Africa and the End of Colonialism 	 xxx
The Colonial Mentality 	 xxx
The Wind of Change 	 xxx
Reform Instead of Revolution 	 xxx
God Save Africa 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 8 
Eternal Warfare in the Holy Land? 	 xxx
The Making of Jewish Nationalism 	 xxx
The Making of Arab Nationalism 	 xxx
World War I and the Mandate 	 xxx
The 1948 War 	 xxx
The 1956 War 	 xxx
The Six-Day War 	 xxx
The 1973 War 	 xxx
The Rise of Palestinian Nationalism 	 xxx
The 1982 War 	 xxx
Is There Hope? 	 xxx
Lessons of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 9 
Oil and Turmoil: The Persian Gulf 	 xxx
Irascible Iran 	 xxx
The First Gulf War 	 xxx
The Second Gulf War 	 xxx
The Third Gulf War 	 xxx
Could Arabia Go the Way of Iran? 	 xxx
Lessons of Three Gulf Wars 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 10 
The Troubled Americas: Our Neglected South 	 xxx
Spain Colonizes the New World 	 xxx
Economic Dependency 	 xxx
Central America and the Caribbean 	 xxx
The Pattern of U.S. Intervention 	 xxx
Cuba Leaves the U.S. Sphere 	 xxx
Mexico: Drugs and Democracy 	 xxx
What Can We Do? 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 11 
Economic Development: The Rich and the Poor 	 xxx
The Roots of Poverty 	 xxx
Why Did the West Rise? 	 xxx
The Population Explosion 	 xxx
The Great Migration 	 xxx
Socialist versus Market Paths 	 xxx
Can Capitalism Uplift the Global South? 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Part III The Eternal Threats 	 xxx 
Chapter 12 
Why Wars? 	 xxx
Micro Theories of War 	 xxx
State-Level Theories of War 	 xxx
Macro Theories of War 	 xxx
Power Asymmetries 	 xxx
Misperception 	 xxx
The Power Dilemma 	 xxx
The Danger of Analogies 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 13 
National Security: How States Protect Themselves 	 xxx
Technology and Security 	 xxx
Defense 	 xxx
Deterrence 	 xxx
DÄtente Diplomacy 	 xxx
Disarmament 	 xxx
A Combination 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 14 
The Dangers of Nuclear Proliferation 	 xxx
Weapon of War 	 xxx
Nuclear Deterrence 	 xxx
Alliance Building 	 xxx
International Prestige 	 xxx
Deterrence Reconsidered 	 xxx
Nuclear Proliferation 	 xxx
Arms Control 	 xxx
The Nuclear Proliferators 	 xxx
What Would Happen If Nukes Were Used? 	 xxx
Nuclear Doom? 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 15 
The Challenge of Terrorism 	 xxx
The Middle East Past 	 xxx
How to Modernize the Middle East 	 xxx
Which Way for U.S. Policy? 	 xxx
Lessons of Terror 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Part IV The Economic Blocks 	 xxx 
Chapter 16 
Europe Divorces America 	 xxx
The Horrors of Ex-Yugoslavia 	 xxx
The Crumbling of NATO 	 xxx
Europe Gropes for Unity 	 xxx
Europe On Its Own? 	 xxx
The Challenge of Trade Blocs 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 17 
Asia: China as Number One 	 xxx
A History of Exaggerations 	 xxx
Which Way for China? 	 xxx
Japan Encounters the West 	 xxx
The Road to Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima 	 xxx
From Rubble to Riches 	 xxx
What Went Wrong? 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 18 
The United States and Globalization 	 xxx
What Is a Dollar Worth? 	 xxx
The Biggest Debtor 	 xxx
Globalization and Its Enemies 	 xxx
The Coming of NAFTA 	 xxx
Trade Wars? 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Part V The Politics of a New World 	 xxx 
Chapter 19 
Diplomacy 	 xxx
The Rise and Decline of Diplomacy 	 xxx
The Uses of an Anachronism 	 xxx
Diplomats 	 xxx
Inside an Embassy 	 xxx
Diplomacy and War 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 20 
International Law 	 xxx
Consistency and Reciprocity 	 xxx
Origins of International Law 	 xxx
Commands 	 xxx
Sanctions 	 xxx
Self-Help 	 xxx
Recognition 	 xxx
IL and Individuals 	 xxx
Territory 	 xxx
War 	 xxx
The Future of IL 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 21 
The United Nations 	 xxx
Theory of World Government 	 xxx
The Short, Sad League of Nations 	 xxx
The Rise of the UN 	 xxx
The UN: Early Idealism 	 xxx
Disillusion with the UN 	 xxx
The Uses of the UN 	 xxx
The Functionalist Dream 	 xxx
The UN: Humankind's Last, Best Hope? 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Chapter 22 
Giving Peace a Chance 	 xxx
War as an Instrument of Policy 	 xxx
The Future of War 	 xxx
Peace Operations 	 xxx
Preventive Diplomacy 	 xxx
Peacemaking 	 xxx
Peacekeeping 	 xxx
Peace Enforcement 	 xxx
Peace Building 	 xxx
Beyond War? 	 xxx
Key Terms 	 xxx
Key Websites 	 xxx
Further Reference 	 xxx 
Index 	 xxx 
Feature Boxes
Chapter 1 
Concepts: Power 	 xxx
Concepts: Systems 	 xxx
Turning Point: Bismarck: System Changer 	 xxx
Classic Thought: E. H. Carr and Realism 	 xxx
Concepts: The State 	 xxx
Concepts: Sovereignty 	 xxx
Reflections: Sovereignty and You 	 xxx 
Chapter 2 
Concepts: National Interest 	 xxx
Classic Thought: Washington's Farewell Address 	 xxx
Classic Thought: Mahan's Seapower Theory 	 xxx
Classic Thought: Hans Morganthau on National Interest 	 xxx
Turning Point: The Atlantic Charter 	 xxx
Concepts: Cold War 	 xxx
Turning Point: Spring, 1947 	 xxx
Concepts: Mead's Four Schools of U.S. Foreign Policy 	 xxx
Reflections: Kennan on History 	 xxx 
Chapter 3 
Concepts: Political Generations 	 xxx
Geography: Vietnam and China 	 xxx
Turning Point: Ho Chi Minh 	 xxx
Diplomacy: The Geneva Accords 	 xxx
Concepts: Guerrilla Warfare 	 xxx
Concepts: What Is a Civil War? 	 xxx
Turning Point: The Tonkin Gulf Resolution 	 xxx
Turning Point: Tet 	 xxx
Diplomacy: The 1973 Paris Accords 	 xxx
Diplomacy: Kissinger's "Decent Interval" 	 xxx
Classic Thought: War and Peace 	 xxx 
Chapter 4 
Concepts: Interventionism 	 xxx
Classic Thought: Spykman on Intervention 	 xxx
Concepts: A Cyclical Theory of U.S. Foreign Policy 	 xxx
Reflections: Ideals or Self-Interest? 	 xxx
Diplomacy: Presidents and Their "Doctrines" 	 xxx
Concepts: Congress and Foreign Policy 	 xxx
Diplomacy: National Security Council 	 xxx
Concepts: Bureaucratic Politics 	 xxx
Diplomacy: The Rise of the Neo-Conservatives 	 xxx 
Chapter 5 
Reflections: Peter Watches a Mass Hanging 	 xxx
Geography: Geopolitics 	 xxx
Diplomacy: World War I: The Slavic Connection 	 xxx
Turning Point: The North Russian Intervention 	 xxx
Concepts: Ideology and Foreign Policy 	 xxx
Turning Point: The Spanish Civil War 	 xxx
Diplomacy: The Winter War 	 xxx
Diplomacy: The Yalta Agreement 	 xxx
Classic Thought: Kissinger on Absolute Security 	 xxx 
Chapter 6 
Concepts: Hegemony 	 xxx
Geography: Crushing Rebellions in Central Europe 	 xxx
Diplomacy: DÄtente 	 xxx
Concepts: Elites 	 xxx
Concepts: The Fear of Falling Behind 	 xxx
Concepts: Legitimacy 	 xxx
Geography: The Soviet Successor States 	 xxx
Diplomacy: George F. Kennan on Russia and the West 	 xxx
Economics: Whose Fault? 	 xxx 
Chapter 7 
Concepts: Colonialism 	 xxx
Turning Point: India Splits in Two 	 xxx
Turning Point: The Agony of Algeria 	 xxx
Turning Point: Angola and Mozambique 	 xxx
Turning Point: Congo: Still the Heart of Darkness 	 xxx
Turning Point: Bad Way in Zimbabwe 	 xxx 
Chapter 8 
Concepts: Nationalism 	 xxx
Concepts: Zionism 	 xxx
Diplomacy: Promises, Promises 	 xxx
Diplomacy: Britain Invents Jordan 	 xxx
Concepts: Logistics and Peace 	 xxx
Turning Point: The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) 	 xxx 
Chapter 9 
Geography: The Strait of Hormuz 	 xxx
Concepts: Huntington's "Civilizational Theory" 	 xxx
Diplomacy: What Did the United States Know, and When Did It Know It? 	 xxx
Geography: The Shatt al Arab 	 xxx
Geography: The Bab al Mandab 	 xxx
Diplomacy: A Green Light for Aggression 	 xxx
Diplomacy: Status Quo Ante Bellum 	 xxx
Economics: Oil and Us 	 xxx
Geography: The Misused, Angry Kurds 	 xxx
Classic Thought: The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend 	 xxx 
Chapter 10 
Concepts: Statism 	 xxx
Concepts: Dependency 	 xxx
Diplomacy: From Monroe Doctrine to Roosevelt Corollary 	 xxx
Concepts: Intervention 	 xxx
Turning Point: Guatemala: The Worst Case 	 xxx
Reflections: The Taking of Swan Island 	 xxx
Turning Point: The Bay of Pigs, 1961 	 xxx
Concepts: Sphere of Influence 	 xxx
Reflections: Our Cuba Problem 	 xxx
Classic Thought: Poor Mexico! 	 xxx
Concepts: Free and Fair Elections 	 xxx
Concepts: "Torn" Countries 	 xxx
Reflections: We Build a House in Honduras 	 xxx 
Chapter 11 
Concept: Per-Capita GDP 	 xxx
Concepts: Modernization Theory 	 xxx
Concepts: Neocolonialism 	 xxx
Reflections: The Psychology of Backwardness 	 xxx
Classic Thought: Protestant Ethic 	 xxx
Economics: Malthus Was Wrong 	 xxx
Economics: The Rule of 70 	 xxx
Economics: Uneven Population Growth 	 xxx
Economics: Does Foreign Aid Work? 	 xxx
Economics: Exporting Jobs? 	 xxx
Economics: The Burmese Way to Catastrophe 	 xxx
Classic Thought: Socialism When You're Young 	 xxx 
Chapter 12 
Classic Thought: Waltz's Three Levels of Analysis 	 xxx
Concepts: Islamic Wars? 	 xxx
Classic Thought: The Crux of Clausewitz 	 xxx
Concepts: Misperception 	 xxx
Classic Thought: Thucydides on Fear 	 xxx
Concepts: The Previous-War Theory 	 xxx
Turning Point: "No More Munichs" 	 xxx 
Chapter 13 
Concepts: Security 	 xxx
Turning Point: The Fall of Constantinople 	 xxx
Concepts: Defense 	 xxx
Turning Point: The Maginot Line 	 xxx
Concepts: Deterrence 	 xxx
Concepts: Do WMD Deter or Provoke? 	 xxx
Turning Point: Appeasing Hitler 	 xxx 
Chapter 14 
Reflections: Hiroshima 	 xxx
Concepts: Nuclear and Thermonuclear Weapons 	 xxx
Concepts: Nuclear Strategies 	 xxx
Concepts: Access 	 xxx
Concepts: Prestige 	 xxx
Concepts: Arms Control 	 xxx
Turning Point: The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty 	 xxx
Classic Thought: Clausewitz on Escalation 	 xxx
Concepts: Invasion Insurance 	 xxx
Concepts: An Islamic Bomb 	 xxx 
Chapter 15 
Concepts: What Is Terrorism? 	 xxx
Concepts: Terrorists or Freedom-Fighters? 	 xxx
Concepts: Blowback 	 xxx
Concepts: Salafiyya 	 xxx
Concepts: Terrorism Plus WMD 	 xxx
Concepts: What Will Be Terror's Next Target? 	 xxx 
Chapter 16 
Geography: Labeling Europe 	 xxx
Geography: The Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia 	 xxx
Concepts: Alliances 	 xxx
Geography: Growth of the Common Market 	 xxx
Geography: Four Stages of Integration 	 xxx
Economics: Does the Euro Work? 	 xxx
Classic Thought: Now Make Europeans 	 xxx
Classic Thought: Comparative Advantage 	 xxx
Economics: The Retired Continent 	 xxx 
Chapter 17 
Reflections: The Bashing Game 	 xxx
Turning Point: War Over Taiwan? 	 xxx
Turning Point: The First Pearl Harbor 	 xxx
Turning Point: The U.S.-Japan War 	 xxx
Turning Point: What Set Up North Korea? 	 xxx
Economics: The Secrets of Japan's Success 	 xxx
Economics: Asia's Growth Tigers 	 xxx
Geography: An Emerging "Yen Bloc"? 	 xxx 
Chapter 18 
Concepts: Great Depression 	 xxx
Economics: Bretton Woods Agreement 	 xxx
Economics: Addicted to Cheap Oil 	 xxx
Economics: Who Is Richest? 	 xxx
Economics: International Monetary Fund 	 xxx
Economics: From GATT to WTO 	 xxx
Concepts: Protectionism 	 xxx
Concepts: 	 xxx 
Chapter 19 
Concepts: Diplomacy 	 xxx
Concepts: Diplomacy and Foreign Policy 	 xxx
Classic Thought: "Surtout, Messieurs, Point de ZÄle" 	 xxx
Classic Thought: Balance-of-Power Diplomacy 	 xxx
Classic Thought: Crimes and Blunders 	 xxx
Turning Point: Ping-Pong Diplomacy 	 xxx
Reflections: How to Join the Foreign Service 	 xxx
Turning Point: Purge of the "Old China Hands" 	 xxx
Classic Thought: War By Other Means 	 xxx
Classic Thought: Music without Instruments 	 xxx
Classic Thought: Morgenthau's Nine Rules 	 xxx 
Chapter 20 
Classic Thought: Frederick the Great and IL 	 xxx
Turning Point: Legalistic Europe 	 xxx
Concepts: How to Make a Treaty 	 xxx
Concepts: Successor States 	 xxx
Concepts: International Sanctions 	 xxx
Turning Point: From Nuremberg to Saddam 	 xxx
Economics: Law of the Sea 	 xxx
Reflections: Eichmann and Piracy 	 xxx
Turning Point: Hole in the Ozone 	 xxx 
Chapter 21 
Classic Thought: Le RÉve de Reves 	 xxx
Concepts: Collective Security 	 xxx
Turning Point: Was Korea Collective Security? 	 xxx
Turning Point: The Four Policemen 	 xxx
Turning Point: Ralph Bunche: UN Hero 	 xxx
Turning Point: Great and Not-So-Great Secretaries General 	 xxx
Concepts: Third-Party Diplomacy 	 xxx
Reflections: Paying Attention to the Deep Seabed 	 xxx
Concepts: Functionalism 	 xxx
Turning Point: The United States and the UN 	 xxx 
Chapter 22 
Concepts: War and Power 	 xxx
Concepts: The Democratic Peace 	 xxx
Concepts: Peacekeeping and Peacemaking 	 xxx
Concepts: The Pacifist Fallacy 	 xxx
Concepts: Military Force for What? 	 xxx
Turning Point: UNPROFOR Lousy, IFOR Excellent 	 xxx
Reflections: From Rwanda to Sierra Leone to Liberia 	 xxx
Reflections: Non-Governmental Organizations 	 xxx

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World politics.
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