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Chapter 1: How to Talk to a Liberal
Chapter 2: This Is War
	How 9-11 Happened
This Is War
The Hun Is at the Gate
Attack France!
May I Turn Down Your Bed, Mohammad?
Build Them Back
This Whistle-Blower They Like
My Name Is Adolf
Beauty Pageants Can Be Murder
 "Will of Allah" Pre-Empts Iraq Invasion
Kissing Cousins: New York Literati and Nazis
The Enemy Within
At Least Saddam Wasn't at Tailhook!
Liberals Meet Unexpected Resistance
We Don't Care
Taking Liberties
How to Lose a War
 "The Plan"
It's Like Christmas In December!
Al-Qaida Barks, the Spanish Fly
Tit for Tet
This Is History Calling-Quick, Get Me Rewrite!
Chapter 3: A Muslim by Any Other Name Blows Up Just the Same
John Davis: American Hero
Where's Janet Reno When We Need Her?
HillaryCare for the Airports
The New Roman Arena: Airports
Would Mohamed Atta Object to Armed Pilots?
Thank You for Choosing United, Mr. Bin Laden
Arab Hijackers Now Eligible for Pre-Boarding
Even with Hindsight Liberals Can't See Straight
Chapter 4: At Least They Didn't Run Jimmy Carter This Time
American Women to Kerry: We Don't Think You're So Hot Either
General Democrat
The Party of Ideas
The Jesus Thing
What Happened to Your Queer Party-Friends?
Just a Gigolo
Boobs in the News
Chapter 5: Barbra Streisand Feels Your Pain (According to Her Publicist)
I Like Black People Too, Julia!
Dumb Hires Dumber
The Democrats' Viagra Cotillion
Checks and Balances, but Mostly Checks 
The Robert C. Byrd Bridge to Poverty
Chair-Warmer on the Hot Seat
Chapter 6: When Bad Ideas (Liberalism) Happen to Good People (You)
The New York Times's Crusade Against Capitalism
It's Just About Money
This Just In: Price Controls Cause Shortages
The Democrats' Laboratory: The Host Organism Dies
9 Out of 10 Caribou Support Drilling
All the News We Heard from a Guy at Handgun Control, Inc.
Chapter 7: More Liberal Ideas! Sex, Segregation, Gay Marriage, and Banning the G-Word (God!)
Chicks with D****
Democrats: A Lott of Trouble
Ashcroft and the Blowhard Discuss Desegregation
Bizarre Political Sect Ousted from Judicial Nomination Process
Liberals Shocked-Rush Not Jesus Christ
It's the Winter Solstice, Charlie Brown!
Massachusetts Supreme Court Abolishes Capitalism!
The Passion of the Liberal
W.W.J.K.: Who Would Jesus Kill?
Chapter 8: The Battle Flag
Chapter 9: Give Us 22 Minutes, We'll Give Up the Country 
Great Gray Lady in Spat with Saloon Hussy
How a White Male from Alabama Learned the Craft of Journalism from a Young Reporter Named Jayson Blair
The Weather's Great, Wish I Were Here
Here's a Traitor!
CBS Could Show Augusta How to Really Discriminate
Give Us 22 Minutes, We'll Give Up the Country
Journalism: Where Even the Men Are Women
I Guess You're Right: There Is No Liberal Media Bias
Chapter 10: Say, Does Anyone Know If Max Cleland Lost His Limbs in Combat?
Cleland Drops a Political Grenade
My Readers Respond!
File Under: "Omission Accomplished"
My Readers Respond! (Part II)
Chapter 11: Witness for the Defense: George Orwell (or: Crime and Nonpunishment)
They Weren't Overzealous This Time
Murdering the Bell Curve
The New York Times Goes Wilding on the Central Park Jogger
DNA Evidence Exonerates Hitler!
Media Support Citizenship Awards for Central Park Rapists
Chapter 12: What Bill Clinton's Ghostwriter Should Have Written
At Least With Monica He Only Bit His Own Lip
Hillary: Pro-Dung
We're Number Two!
These Charges Are False-Reel # 857
Liberals Shocked: Impeached Felon Took Ottoman
Tell Him There's a Stopover in Bangkok
True Grit
Chapter 13: How Elian Gonzalez Saved America
Chapter 14: Why Won't They "Move On"?
Elections in Clintonville
New Equal Protection Clause: One Man, Several Votes
The Liar Next Time
This Is What the Electoral College Is Supposed to Prevent
The Law, Not the Court, Has the Last Word
Certify the Electors, Then The Judges
Things Only a Democrat Will Say with a Straight Face
National Lampoon's Florida Supreme Court Vacation
My Court Is Bigger Than Your Court
Chapter 15: Hello, Room Service? Send Up a Bottle, a Blonde, and a Gun
Ruger Is a Girl's Best Friend
I'd Burn My Neighbor's House Down 
Drug Shills
Capitol Punishment
A Republican Tribute to John
So Now They Think He Was Charming
Chapter 16: What You Could Have Read If You Lived in a Free Country
Call Me Ms.
This Congressman Bought for You by the New York Times
Sally Does Monticello
If You Sup with the Devil, Use a Long Spoon

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