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The Market Research Society	00
The editorial board 	00
Foreword 	00
Acknowledgements	00
Introduction	00
Merlin Stone, Bryan Foss, Alison Bond and Steve Wills
	Introduction 00; The professional domain of consumer insight 00; Managing consumer insight 00; 
Customers and consumers 00; Keeping consumers and stakeholders happy - from research, through 
measurement, to management 00; Insight and knowledge management 00; Consumer insight and marketing 
transformation 00; Organization of this book 00
1.	What is database marketing?	00
	Merlin Stone, Alison Bond, Bryan Foss and Mark Patron 
	Introduction 00; Channels for managing consumers directly 00; How database marketing works 00; 
Planning your database marketing activity 00; Future value of consumers 00; Applications of the consumer 
database 00; What a consumer database is and why we need it 00; How a database is used 00; Factors that 
have helped database marketing grow so fast 00; The strengths of database marketing 00; How a database 
works 00; Data quality and maintenance 00; Merging and purging data 00 Doing it yourself or outsourcing 
00; Using a database in practice 00; Conclusion 00
2.	The uses of database marketing	00
	Merlin Stone, Alison Bond and Bryan Foss 
	Applications of database marketing 00; Strategic issues 00; Who uses the consumer database - and 
how 00; The demand for database marketing 00; The supply of database marketing services 00; 
Conclusions 00
3.	How customer care and database marketing use customer insight	00
	Merlin Stone, Alison Bond and Bryan Foss
	Database marketing and customer care 00; The meaning of customer care 00; How database 
marketers use consumer insight - starting with the offer 00; How choice of media requires consumer insight 
00; Conclusion 00
4.	Customer relationship management (CRM)	00
	Merlin Stone, Alison Bond, Bryan Foss, Neil Woodcock and Jennifer Kirkby 
	A variety of definitions 00; Managing the relationship in stages 00; Why CRM is important or at 
least useful 00; A model of CRM 00; How CRM is evolving today 00; Performance is disappointing 00; 
Where next for CRM? 00; Customer experience management 00; Making the strategic shift to CRM/CEM 
00; Conclusions 00
5.	Consumer insight and market research	00
	Merlin Stone, Alison Bond, Clive Nancarrow and Sharon Rees
	Introduction 00; Segmentation 00; How to define segments 00; Using market research in CRM 00; 
Understanding consumers 00; Main research techniques used in gaining consumer insight 00; The 10 key 
CRM questions 00; The research process 00; Applying market research to customer base analysis 00; 
Conclusions 00; Call to action 00
6.	Analyzing consumer data to get insight	00
	Merlin Stone, Bryan Foss, David Selby and Julie Abbott
	Conclusions on the deployment of analysis 00; Advanced data analysis 00; Data mining 00; Where 
data mining is today 00
7.	Using consumer insight in developing and retaining consumers	00
	Merlin Stone, Clive Nancarrow, Bryan Foss, Alison Bond and Nick Orsman
	The problem 00; Cross-selling 00; Customer retention 00; The concept of loyalty 00; The research 
programme 00; Conclusions 00
8	Sharing consumer insight - partnerships and loyalty schemes	00
	Merlin Stone, David Bearman, Alan Tapp, Stephan A Butscher, Paul Crick, David Gilbert, Tess 
Moffett and Nick Orsman
	Ways of sharing consumer insight 00; Loyalty schemes 00; What customer loyalty schemes involve 
managerially 00; How some leading retailers are managing their loyalty schemes 00; Conclusions 00
9.	Privacy, risk, and good and bad consumers	00
	Merlin Stone, Bryan Foss, Alison Bond, Martin Hickley and Nick Orsman
	Introduction 00; Who good consumers are 00; Who bad consumers are 00; Prediction of good and 
bad 00; The portfolio approach 00; Social, political and legal issues 00; Ethical issues 00; The Internet, trust 
and all that 00; How consumers feel about these issues 00; What the law says 00; Improving the quality of 
consumer data management so as to comply with requirements 00; Guidelines for data protection 00; 
Conclusions 00
10.	Consumer insight systems	00
	Merlin Stone, Julie Abbott, Bryan Foss, Paul McDaid and Doug Morrison
	The history 00; A sense of perspective 00; How technology opens up new opportunities 00; Data 
warehousing, decision science and data analysis 00; Integration 00; E-business infrastructure 00; What has 
been learnt from implementing new technology 00; What the future holds 00
11.	Organizing and managing consumer insight 	00
	Merlin Stone, Bryan Foss, Bryan Hassett, Alison Bond and Ronel Schoeman 
	The people involved in managing and using consumer insight 00; Managing consumer insight staff 
00; Conclusions 00
Appendix: The Market Research Society Code of Conduct	00
Index	00
The Market Research Society
With over 8,000 members in more than 50 countries, The Market Research Society (MRS) is the world's 
largest international membership organization for professional researchers and others engaged in (or 
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	It has a diverse membership of individual researchers within agencies, independent consultancies, 
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	All MRS members agree to comply with the MRS Code of Conduct (see Appendix), which is 
supported by the Codeline advisory service and a range of specialist guidelines on best practice.
	MRS offers various qualifications and membership grades, as well as training and professional 
development resources to support these. It is the official awarding body in the UK for vocational 
qualifications in market research.
	MRS is a major supplier of publications and information services, conferences and seminars, and 
many other meeting and networking opportunities for researchers.
	MRS is 'the voice of the profession' in its media relations and public affairs activities on behalf of 
professional research practitioners, and aims to achieve the most favourable climate of opinion and leg-
islative environment for research.
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