Table of contents for Oskar Schindler : the untold account of his life, wartime activities, and the true story behind the list / David M. Crowe.

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Preface and Acknowledgments00
1Schindler's Early Life (1908-1938) in 
Czechoslovakia and His Initial Ties to Abwehr (German Military 
Counterintelligence and Counterespionage Service)00
2Schindler the Spy-Arrest, Imprisonment, and His 
Role in the German Invasions of Czechoslovakia and Poland (1938-
3Schindler and the Controversy over His 
Acquisition of Emalia in Kraków Amid Charges of Theft and 
4Schindler in Kraków and His Initial Use of Jewish 
Workers in Kraków Ghetto00
5Schindler and Emalia: Origins of the Schindler 
Myth and the Closing of the Kraków Ghetto00
6Amon Göth, Oskar Schindler, P_aszów, and the 
Schindler Jews00
7Schindler's Emalia Subcamp, Göth, and Ties with 
the Jewish Agency00
8The Closing of Plaszów, the Fate of Emalia's 
Jews, and the SS Investigation of Göth and Schindler00
9The Creation of `Schindler's List': Myth and 
10Brünnlitz: Life, Death, Survival, and Escape00
11Schindler in Germany (1945-1949): Struggle for 
Survival and Plans for Argentina00
12Life in Argentina, the Return to Germany, and the 
Righteous Gentile Controversy00
13The Evening of Schindler's Life: MGM, Fame, and 
14Love, Bitterness, and Death: Oskar and Emilie, 1970-

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Schindler, Oskar, 1908-1974.
Righteous Gentiles -- Biography.
Righteous Gentiles in the Holocaust.
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945).