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Table of Contents
Top Ten Teachings of the Koran
Chapter 1: The Koran: Exactly What Is It?
An Entire Faith Based on the Book
The Relationship Between Koran and Sunnah
The Role of the Sunnah
Straight from the Heavens 
The Language of the Koran	
Chapter 2: The Messenger: Prophet Muhammad 
Prophet Muhammad Before the Revelation
Angel Gabriel Reveals Himself
Clashes Against the Prophet
Characteristics and Traits of Muhammad
The Prophetís Miracles
The Death of the Last Prophet
Chapter 3: Compilation and Preservation of the Koran
The Revelation of the Koran
Early Revelations
The Final Revelation
The Organization of the Koran
Special Surahs in the Koran
Preserving the Holy Book
Ancient Copies of the Koran
Chapter 4: The Pillars of Muslim Faith
The Nonbeliever, the Believer, and the Muslim
Belief in the Koran
Belief in Allah and the Angels
From Holy Books to the Last Day
The Five Pillars of Islam
Chapter 5: Family Values
The Nucleus of Society
The Man: Husband and Father
The Woman: Wife and Mother
Pregnancy and Abortion
Raising the Children
Childrenís Duties Toward Parents
Distribution of an Inheritance
Chapter 6: Womenís Rights
Gender Equality in the Koran
Modest Islamic Dress
Various Rights
Marriage and Divorce 
Domestic Violence
Chapter 7: One Man, Four Wives
Polygamy in the Past and Present
Polygamy in Islam
Justification of Polygamy
Conditions Apply
Prophet Muhammadís Wives
Chapter 8: Forbidden and Permitted Foods
Why Forbid Certain Foods?
Alcohol and Other Addictions
Whatís on the Menu
Whatís Not on the Menu
Slaughtering an Animal for Consumption
Chapter 9: Legal Matters: Punishment, Politics, and Money
The Islamic Criminal Justice System
Punishment for Felonies
Punishment for Other Crimes
Islamic Law and Society
Islamic Political System
Banking, Finance, and Trade
Chapter 10: Abandoning Evil and Adopting Goodness
The Good Muslim
Practicing the Faith
Attitudes and Virtues
Behavior Toward Others
Treatment of Animals
The Major and Minor Sins
Chapter 11: Marriage and Sexuality
Choosing a Partner
Adapting to the New Home
In the Bedroom
Permitted and Forbidden Pleasures
Islamic View of Homosexuality
Chapter 12: The Beginning of Creation
The Creation of the Universe
The Creation of Man
The Creation of Other Creatures
The Forbidden Tree
Satanís Lure and Adamís Descent
The Koranís Perspective of Evolution
Chapter 13: The Last Day
The End of the World Is Coming
The Major Signs
The Angel and the Horn
The First Blow of the Horn
The Second Blow of the Horn
The Third Blow of the Horn
A Time for Judgement
Chapter 14: Life After Death: The Soulís Journey
What is a Soul?
Death: The Soulís Departure
Treatment of the Body
The Interrogation
The Graveís Torture and Bliss
Communication Between the Worlds
Chapter 15: Gates of Heaven: Rewards for the Righteous
The Concept of Heaven in Islam
The Road to Heaven
The Gates of Heaven
All the Different Heavens
Heavenly Landscapes
Lifestyle and Pleasures
Meeting the Creator 
Chapter 16: Flames of Another World: Hell for Sinners 
Hell in the Koran
Avoiding Hell
The Bridge of Hell
The Magnitude of Hell
Gates and Guardians
Who Goes to Hell?
Life in Hell
Is Hellís Punishment Eternal?
Chapter 17: The Jinn
The Existence of the Jinn
The Creation of the Jinn
Satan and His Children
The World of the Jinn	
Black Magic and Evil Jinn
The Evil Eye
Chapter 18: Unholy Wars: Affairs of Our Modern World
Islam Accused of Terrorism
The Concept of Jihad
The Laws of War
Peace in the Koran
Tolerance and Harmony in the Koran
Human Rights in the Koran
Chapter 19: The Koran: A Miracle In Itself
What is a Miracle?
Miracles of Prophets
Miracles in Creation
The Literary Miracle
Prophecies and History in the Koran
Chapter 20: Learning Science From the Koran
The Koran and Science
The Koran on the Cosmos
The Atmosphere, Clouds, and Rain
Geological Revelations
Human Embryology in the Koran
More Scientific Facts in the Koran
Chapter 21: The Bible and the Torah: The Other Holy Books
Muslimsí Belief in the Holy Books
Prophet Moses and the Torah
Jesus in the Koran
Unoriginal Scripts
Comparison of Beliefs
Koran Calls to Belief in Allah
Appendix A: Glossary
Appendix B: Further Reading

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Islam -- Doctrines.