Table of contents for China : its history and culture / W. Scott Morton, Charlton M. Lewis.

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Foreword by Professor Wing-tsit Chan	000
Acknowledgments	000
A Note on Spelling and Pronunciation	000
Introduction	000
1??The Land and the People of China	000
2??Origins and Early History	000
3??The Formative Period	000
Zhou Dynasty: 1027?221 B.C.	000
4??Religion and Philosophy	000
5??Unification and Expansion	000
Qin Dynasty: 221?206 B.C.	000
Han Dynasty: 206 B.C.?A.D. 221	000
6??Outsiders, Generals, and Eccentrics	000
The Six Dynasties Period: A.D. 222?589	000
7??The Flowering of Chinese Civilization	000
Sui Dynasty: 589?618	000
Tang Dynasty: 618?907	000
8??The Chinese Enter on Their Modern Times	000
Five Dynasties: 907?960, North China	000
Ten Kingdoms: 907?970, South China	000
Song Dynasty: 960?1126	000
Jin Dynasty (J?rchen): 1126?1234, North China	000
Southern Song Dynasty: 1127?1279, South China	000
9??The Mongol Interruption	000
Yuan Dynasty: 1280?1368	000
10??The Restoration and Consolidation of Chinese Rule	000
Ming Dynasty: 1368?1644	000
11??The Manzhou: Summit and Decline of the Empire	000
Qing Dynasty: 1644?1911	000
12??The Impact of the West in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries	000
13??The Republican Revolution 1900?1949	000
14??The Communist Revolution 1949?1965	000
15??The Cultural Revolution and its aftermath 1966?1978	000
16??Deng Xiaoping and the Reform Era. 1978?1992	000
17??The Party, Greater China, and the Wider World, 1993?2003	000
18??A Changing Society	000
Chronology	000
Selected Bibliography	000
Index	000
Bactrian horse, Tang dynasty	000
The Yangzi River gorges	000
Neolithic pottery jar	000
Bronze wine vessel, Shang dynasty	000
Bronze grain vessel, Late Zhou dynasty	000
Yin-Yang circle	000
The Great Wall	000
Jade Suit for burial, Han dynasty	000
Farmhouse, Han dynasty	000
Scenes from a Wu family shrine carving, Later Han dynasty	000
Scythian winged horse, first century A.D.	000
Maitreya Buddha, Northern Wei dynasty	000
Lady playing polo, Tang dynasty	000
Asian dancer, Sui dynasty	000
Bronze mirror, Tang dynasty	000
Examination cells, Canton	000
Official, Tang dynasty	000
Khorezmian merchant, Tang dynasty	000
?Buddhist Temple in the Hills? by Li Cheng	000
?Fishing in a Mountain Stream? by Xu Daoning	000
?Li Bo the Poet? by Liang Kai	000
?Five-colored Parakeet? by the emperor Hui Zong	000
?Patriarchs of the Chan Sect? by Liang Kai	000
?Monk Riding a Mule?	000
Calligraphy by Yeluchucai	000
?Fisherman? by Wu Zhen	000
The Forbidden City, Beijing	000
Rice paddies and tea shrubs, Jiangxi	000
?Foochow: Pagoda Anchorage? by Allen Bronson	000
?Newchuang, China: Costum House? by Allen Bronson	000
A back street in Beijing, 1860	000
Meridian Gate of the Forbidden City	000
Sun Yat-sen	000
Jiang Jieshi	000
Mao Zedong	000
Zhou Enlai	000
Hua Guofeng, Ye Jianying, and Deng Xiaoping	000
Deng Xiaoping with Jimmy Carter	000
Rice paddies	000
Wheatfields	000
Smiling schoolchild	000
Figures from The Rent Collection Courtyard, 1968	000
Yangzi Gorges by Zhong Ming	000
Horse	000

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