Table of contents for Comprehensive lymphedema management / Joachim E. Zuther.

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1 Anatomy
Topography of the Lymphatic System
Components of the Lymphatic System
 Lymph Fluid
 Lymphatic Vessels
 Lymphatic Tissues
Lymphatic Watersheds
 Sagittal Watershed
 Horizontal Watershed
 Watersheds between the Trunk and the Extremities
Interterritorial Anastomoses
Lymphatic Drainage and Regional Lymph Node Groups of Different Body Parts
 Lymphatic Drainage of the Scalp, Face, and Neck
 Lymphatic Drainage of the Neck
 Lymphatic Drainage of the Trunk
 Lymphatic Drainage of the Upper Extremity
 Lymphatic Drainage of the Lower Extremity
2 Physiology
Heart and Circulation
Blood Pressure
 Blood Capillary Pressure
Capillary Exchange
 Osmosis and Osmotic Pressure
 Colloid Osmosis and Colloid Osmotic Pressure
 Filtration and Reabsorption
Physiology of the Lymphatic System
 Lymph Time Volume and Transport Capacity of the Lymphatic System
 Safety Factor of the Lymphatic System
Insufficiencies of the Lymphatic System
 Dynamic Insufficiency
 Mechanical Insufficiency
 Combined Insufficiency
3 Pathology
Incidence of Lymphedema
Etiology of Lymphedema
Stages of Lymphedema
Grading of Lymphedema Based on Severity
Precipitating Factors for Lymphedema
Avoidance Mechanisms
Complications in Lymphedema
Diagnosis and Evaluation of Lymphedema
Diagnostic Imaging
Therapeutic Approach to Lymphedema
Chronic Venous and Lymphovenous Insufficiency
Definition of CVI
Post-thrombotic Syndrome
Venous Dynamics in the Lower Extremities
Pathophysiology of CVI
Stages of CVI
Therapeutic Approach
Wounds and Skin Lesions
Skin Lesions Often Associated with Lymphedema
Wound Management/Wound Bed Preparation
Etiology and Natural History
Pathology and Pathophysiology of Lipedema
Therapeutic Approach
Traumatic Edema
Effects of Inflammation on the Lymphatic System
Therapeutic Approach
Inflammatory Rheumatism
Anatomy of a Synovial Joint
Effects on the Lymphatic System
Therapeutic Approach
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
Pathology and Stages
Lymphatic Involvement
Therapeutic Approach
Cyclic Idiopathic Edema
Complete Decongestive Therapy
4	Complete Decongestive Therapy
History and Background
Discovery of the Lymphatic System
Development of Complete Decongestive Therapy
Goal of Complete Decongestive Therapy
Components of Complete Decongestive Therapy
Manual Lymph Drainage
Compression Therapy
Effects of Compression Therapy
Laplace's Law
Compression Bandages
Compression Garments
Decongestive Exercises
Skin and Nail Care
The Two-Phase Approach in Lymphedema Management
Intensive Phase
Self-Management Phase
Documentation Techniques for Lymphedema
5 Treatment
General Considerations
Application of Basic MLD Techniques on Different Parts of the Body
Lateral Neck and Submandibular Area
Posterior Neck and Occipital Area
Posterior Thorax
Lumbar Area
Anterior Thorax
Abdomen (Superficial and Deep Manipulations)
Upper Extremity
Lower Extremity
Treatment Sequences
Unilateral Secondary Upper Extremity Lymphedema
Bilateral Secondary Upper Extremity Lymphedema
Unilateral Secondary Lower Extremity Lymphedema
Bilateral Secondary Lower Extremity Lymphedema
Unilateral Primary Lower Extremity Lymphedema
Bilateral Primary Lower Extremity Lymphedema
Genital Lymphedema
Phlebolymphostatic Edema
Lymphedema of the Head and Neck
Pediatric Lymphedema
Application of Compression Bandages
Required Materials
Upper Extremity Bandaging
Lower Extremity Bandaging
Genital Bandaging
Measurements for Compression Garments
Measuring for Stockings and Pantyhose
Measuring for Arm Sleeves
Measuring for Hand and Finger Compression Garments
Compression Neck and Chin Straps and Face Masks
Compression Garments for the Upper Thorax and Breast
Patient Education
Decongestive Exercises
Lymphedema and Air Travel
6 Administration
Setting Up a Lymphedema Clinic
Required Space
Marketing Issues
Suggested Materials to Start Up a Lymphedema Program
Reimbursement and Billing
 CPT Codes
Appendix Sample Forms
 1 Patient Information Form
 2 Evaluation Form for Lymphedema Treatment Centers
 3 Physical Examination Form for Physicians
 4 Form for Circumferential Measurement of the Upper Extremity
 5 Form for Circumferential Measurement of the Lower Extremity
 6 Treatment Progress Form
 7 Photography Release Form
 8 Notice of Privacy Practices: Patient Consent
 9 Patient Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Health Information
 10 Letter of Medical Necessity
 11 Information on Lymphedema for Patients

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