Table of contents for Business confronts terrorism : risks and responses / Dean C. Alexander.

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Disclaimer	000
Introduction	3
1. Overview of Terror Threats	000
	Selected Attacks by Foreign Terrorists against U.S. Targets	000
	Selected Attacks by Domestic Terrorists against U.S. Targets	000
	Selected Terror Attacks against Business Worldwide	000
	Selected Terror Attacks against Nonbusiness Targets	000
	Thwarted Terrorist Attacks	000
2. Contemporary and Future Terror Threats	000
	Government Terror Warnings and Advisories	000
	Terrorists' Modus Operandi	000
	Prospective Terror Targets	000
3. Terrorists and Their Supporters Participate in the Economic System	000
	Companies and Individuals Aid Terrorists	000
	Products Used in Furtherance of Terrorism	000
	Services Used in Furtherance of Terrorism	000
	Criminal Activities of Terrorists and Their Abettors	000
4. Financing Terror	000
	Traditional Financial Services	000
	Hawalas and Other Informal Money Transfer Systems	000
	Nonprofit Organizations	000
	Commodities	000
	Bogus Financial Instruments and Transactions	000
	Currency Smuggling, Wire Transfers, and Money Laundering	000
	Smuggling	000
	Securities Fraud	000
	Scams and Bank Robberies	000
	State-Sponsors of Terrorism	000
	U.S. Government Responses to Terrorism Financing	000
	International Responses to Terrorism Financing	000
5. Security	000
	Security Costs	000
	Too Much Money in One Place?	000
	Security Providers	000
	Information Security	000
	Risk and Vulnerability Assessments	000
	Risk Management and Disaster Planning	000
	Sector Responses	000
6. Public-Private Partnership in Combating Terrorism	000
	Government Assisting Industry in the War on Terrorism	000
	Industry Aiding Government in the War on Terrorism	000
	Sources of Tension in the Public-Partnership in Combating Terrorism	000
7. Terror's Effects on Labor and Management	000
	Terror Victimizes Labor	000
	Employer and Governmental Support in Crises	000
	Terror's Effects on Military Personnel	000
	Workforce Challenges and Opportunities	000
	Post-September 11 Employer Issues	000
8. Additional Perspectives on Terror's Impact on Business	000
	Initial Impact of Catastrophic Terrorism	000
	Subsequent Industry Responses	000
	Transcending Consequences of Terror on Business	000
Conclusion	000
Bibliography	000
Index	000

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Industries -- Security measures -- United States.
Business enterprises -- Security measures -- United States.