Table of contents for The naked roommate : and 100 other issues you might run into at college / Harlan Cohen.

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Book Orientation:
The stuff before the tips
Welcome Students
Welcome Parents
Welcome Academic Professionals
Chapter 1
Arriving on Campus: So Real You Can Smell It, Taste It, and Touch It
1. Expect the unexpected
2. Patience, patience, and more patience 
3. Finding your place on campus 
4. Ask if you get lost
5. Just be yourself
6. About your parents
7. The fifth wall
Chapter 2
Residence Halls: Living, Eating, and Bathing with Hundreds of Strangers
8. Dorm living not doom living
9. Meet people without even trying
10. Residence assistants (or whatever you call them)
11. Not all dorms are created equal
12. The ugly side of residential life
Chapter 3
Good Ones, Bad Ones, and Everything in Between
13. The ultimate roommate rule
14. The random roommate
15. The best friend roommate
16. Your gay, lesbian, or bisexual roommate (pick one)
17. The noisy, naughty, and nasty roommates
18. Your girlfriend/boyfriend doesn't live here roommate 
19. My lying stealing klepto roommate
20. My drunk and/or high roommate
21. The roommate in need
Chapter 4
Finding Friends:
Your Social or Antisocial College Life
22. The snow globe factor 
23. Where to find new friends 
24. Why college friends are different
25. Friend today, gone tomorrow
26. High school friends, cows, and cats
Chapter 5
Getting Involved on Campus:
An All-You-Can-Do-Buffet
27. Getting involved: where ,when, what, how, and why
28. Clubs and organizations: a smorgasbord of opportunity
29. Sports and intramurals: sweating outside the classroom
30. Academic organizations: where smart people gather
31. Religious and cultural activities: your prayers are answered
32. Get involved: travel and see the world for free
Chapter 6
Greek Life:
Behind The Doors, Windows, And Walls Of Fraternity And Sorority Life
33. Greek life: Getting in a house
34. Fraternity/sorority life: The good
35. Fraternity/sorority life: The bad
36. Fraternity/sorority life: The ugly
Chapter 7
Life inside the classroom:
Assuming You Wake up and Go to Class
37. To go or not to go 
38. Nice professor, nice professor
39. How to get an "a" (or almost an a)
40. How to pass (or barely pass)
41. How to fail
42. If you think it's cheating, it's cheating
43. Take notes here
44. Do it in a group
45. Old exams, sharing notes, and mostly legal ways to pass
46. The major issue: picking one
47. Advice on your advisor
48. Pick a number, any number
49. Time for time management
50. Wine tasting, bowling, and other important classes
Chapter 8
Dating and Relationships:
Higher Education Of Love, Lust, and Loss
51. The rules of college love (or lust)
52. The college hook up 
53. Close distance relationships
54. Long distance relationships
55. High school bitter sweethearts
56. Imaginary and online relationships 
57. The friendly relationship
58. Gay, lesbian, bisexual relationships
59. Cheaters, users, and abusers
60. I have no life other than my relationship
61. I got dumped and no longer have a relationship
Chapter 9
Sex On and Off Campus:
Having It, Not Having It, Hearing Someone Having It
62. Deciding to do it
63. Deciding not to do it
64. Doing it way too much
65. The one-night stand
66. Pimps, ho's, and reputations
67. Sexual souvenirs
68. The U of birth control
69. Possibly pregnant
Chapter 10
Drinking On Campus:
Tapping the Keg of Truth
70. Drinking on campus
71. Slow down, don't drink too fast
72. Not everyone is drinking
73. The social lubricant
74. Safe unsafe sex and alcohol
75. Sexual assault and alcohol
76. Don't be so stupid that you accidentally kill yourself
77. Drinking and driving
78. Still hung over...
79. You could be an alcoholic if...
Chapter 11
Drugs on Campus:
The Smoking, Snorting, and Pill Popping Truth
80. About drugs in college
81. How to avoid them
82. Why I don't do drugs
83. Just don't accidentally die
84. College smoking butts
Chapter 12
Money, Laundry, and Cheap Eats:
Assuming You Have Enough Money to Do Laundry and Eat
85. Loans, grants, scholarships, and loose change 
86. Your financial aid advisor: money, money, money, muhhhneeee
87. Part-time jobs, big time benefits
88. A credit card warning and the $600 candy bar 
89. Bad checks, bad credit, and other bad ideas
90. Checking out the college checking account
91. Sorry, this book is now "used"
92. Cheap strategies for eating (or barely eating)
93. Warning: this page is not fabric softener
Chapter 13
Not Mentioned in the College Brochure:
What They Don't Tell You
94. The not so shiny part of the brochure: homesickness and depression
95. Sexual assault happens
96. Freshmen 15, 20, or 30+ and eating disorders
97. To transfer or not to transfer
98. Commuting words to take with you...
99. Diversity: Sexual diversity, religious diversity, racial diversity
Chapter 14
College: A Higher Education:
It's Almost Time to Say Good-Bye...
100. The u of no regrets
101. Your tip goes here...

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