Table of contents for The poetics of transubstantiation : from theology to metaphor / edited by Douglas Burnham and Enrico Giaccherini.

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General Editors' Preface							vii
Notes on Contributors							viii
Editors' Foreword							xi
1	The Riddle of Transubstantiation					1
 Douglas Burnham						
2	Real Accidents, Surfaces and Digestions: Descartes and the
 'very easily explained' Transubstantiation 				11
 Tomaso Cavallo
3	The Transubstantial Bard: Shakespeare and Catholicism		26
 Michael Davies							
4	Transubstantiating the Performance: Towards a Mimetic
 Narrative in Hamlet's Hecuba Scene				44
 Silvia Bigliazzi							
5	Transubstantiating Love: John Donne and Cultural Criticism		55
 Andy Mousley							
6	A 'Deformed' Christianity: Ethical Transubstantiation
 in English Reformation Plays					63
 Nicoletta Caputo							
7	From Substantial Body into Evanescent Ghost:
 the World of James Macpherson's Ossianic 'Fragments'		75
 Laura Giovannelli						
8	Shakespeare as Paraclitus: Transubstantiation in Joyce
 and T. S. Eliot							88
 Francesco Gozzi							
9	Food for the Soul: Reading Mrs Ramsay's Boeuf en Daube		95
 Catherine Burgass						
10	Reformations: Ford Madox Ford and Transubstantiation		104
 Martin Stannard
11	Lost in Translation: Gender and the Figure of the Translator
 in Contemporary Queer Fiction					118
 Emma Parker
12	Conrad and Scola: Transposing the Heart of Darkness into Film	126
 Mario Curreli							
13	RSC 1999: Enter Guilt on the Stage of Conscience:
 The Family Reunion by T. S. Eliot					137	Carla Dente		
14	Embodying the Past: 
 Vocal Transubstantiation in Erri De Luca's Tu, mio			150
 Marina Spunta							
15 Sculptural Transubstantiations: Reflections upon Wax,
 Flesh and Stone, Blood, Bread and Bone				162
 Alison Yarrington						
Bibliography								172
Index									179

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