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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 ? The Construction Industry
	The Construction Industry
	Risky Business
	Project Delivery Systems
	Types of Construction Contracts
	Individual Project Arrangements
Chapter 2 ? Who?s Who ?
	Who?s Who ?
	The Project Team
	Owner Groups
	Trade Contractors
	Other Trade Contractors
	Material Suppliers
Chapter 3 ? What is a Project ?
	What is a Project ?
	Evolution of the Project
	Pre-Design Phase
	Design Phase
 Bidding Phase
	Construction Phase
	Start-Up Phase
	Grand Opening and Property Management Phase
Chapter 4 ? Planning and Scheduling
	Planning versus Scheduling
	Types of Schedules
	What is CPM ?
	What is ?Fast-tracking ??
Chapter 5 ? Activities, Logic, and Duration
	Identifying Activities
	Logical Sequencing of the Activities
	Activity Duration
		In-Class Exercise #1
		In-Class Exercise #2
		In-Class Exercise #3
		In-Class Exercise #4
		Student Exercise #1
		Student Exercise #2
		Student Exercise #3
		Student Exercise #4
Chapter 6 ? Network Diagrams
	Importance of Drawing the Network
	What is a Network Diagram?
	Drawing the Precedence Network Diagram
	In-Class Exercises: Drawing the Network Diagrams
		In-Class Exercise #1
		In-Class Exercise #2
		In-Class Exercise #3
	Student Exercises: Drawing the Network Diagrams
		Student Exercise #1
		Student Exercise #2
		Student Exercise #3
		Student Exercise #4
		Student Exercise #5
		Student Exercise #6
Chapter 7 ? CPM Calculations
	CPM Calculations
	Forward Pass
	Backward Pass
	The Critical Path
	In-Class Exercises ? Calculating the CPM Network
		Practice Exercise #1
		Practice Exercise #2
		Practice Exercise #3
		Student Exercises ? Calculating the CPM Network
		Student Exercise #1
		Student Exercise #2
		Student Exercise #3
		Student Exercise #4
		Student Exercise #5
		Student Exercise #6
Chapter 8 ? Creating Construction Schedules
	Document Review
	Identifying the ?Up-Fronts?
	Creating Construction Schedules
	Schedule Analysis ? First Draft Construction Schedule
	Revising the Schedule
	Schedule Analysis ? Revised Construction Schedule
	Capstone Project ? USA Volleyball Centers
Module 1 ? Drawing the Schedule By Hand
	Drawing the Network Schedule
Module 2 - Creating a Project
	Opening the Software
	Creating the Project
	Saving the Project
Module 3 ? Adding Activities
	Adding Activities
	Using Spell-Check
	Changing Activity Types
Module 4 ? Adding Logic (Successors)
	Relationship Types and Lag
	Adding Logic
	Adding Buttons (Icons) to the Toolbar
	Creating Screen-Captures and Window-Captures
Module 5 ? Printing the Schedule
	Printing the Schedule
Schedule Analysis ? Modules 1 ? 5
Module 6 ? Saving and Closing a Project
	Saving the Project to the Hard Drive
	Saving the Project to a Disk
	Saving the Project under a Different Name
	Saving the Project to a Different Folder
	Automatic Save Feature
	Closing the Project
Module 7 ? Opening a Project
	Opening a Project
Module 8 ? Delhi Medical Building Project 
	Draw the Schedule
	Create the SureTrak Schedule
Module 9 ? The PERT View
	Changing the Project Window to the Pert View
Schedule Analysis ? Modules 8 ? 9
Module 10 ? Layouts ? Saving, Applying, and Creating
	What is a Layout?
	The Default Layout
	Saving Changes to the Layout
	Applying an Existing Layout
	Creating a New Layout
Module 11 ? Formatting Columns
	Formatting Columns
Module 12 ? Sorting by Early Start
	Sorting by Early Start
Module 13 ? Formatting the Footer
	Formatting the Footer
Module 14 ? Formatting the Header
	Formatting the Header
Schedule Analysis ? Modules 10 ? 14
Module 15 ? Renaming a Project
	Renaming a Project
	Renaming the Number / Version, Project Title, and Layout
Module 16 ? Working with Calendars
	Global Calendar
	Normal Workweek Calendar
	Adding Holidays to Calendar
	Creating a Calendar (Six Day Workweek)
	Assigning Calendars to Activities
	Creating a Calendar (Four-Tens)
Schedule Analysis ? Modules 16
Module 17 ? Activity Codes
	Rename the GARG Project
	Defining Activity Codes
	Assigning Activity Codes
	Grouping the Activities by Activity Codes
Module 18 ? Budgeted Costs
	Assigning Lump Sum Costs to Activities
Module 19 ? Resources
	Defining Resources
	Assigning Resources to Activities
	More on Assigning Resources
Module 20 ? Resource Profiles
	Project Cash Flow
	Printing Resource Profiles
	Other Resource Profiles
Module 21 ? Resource Tables
	Project Cash Flow
	Printing Resource Tables
	Other Resource Tables
	Combined Resource Profiles and Tables
Schedule Analysis ? Modules 17 ? 21
Module 22 ? Target Schedules
	Renaming the Project
	Creating the Target Schedule
Module 23 ? Reports
	Applying a Pre-Built Report
	Classic Schedule Report
	Reports and Layouts
	Schedule Status Report
	Three-Week Look ahead Report
	Run Report Menu
Schedule Analysis ? Modules 22 ? 23
Module 24 ? Multi-Phase Projects
	Create the Project
	Transferring Resources
	Copying Activities
	Adding Activities to an Existing Project
	The Logic of a Multi-Phase Project
Schedule Analysis ? Modules 24
Module 25 ? Updating the Schedule
	Naming and Saving Conventions for Updates
	Tracking Project Progress
	What is the Data Date?
	Updating the Project
	Updated Schedule Status Report
Schedule Analysis ? Modules 25
Module 26 ? Revising Schedules
	Revising Schedules
Module 27 ? Capstone Project
	Capstone Schedule

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